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pre wedd

forget in what day, aunt brought us(me n sis) to attend her client pre wedding dinner which normally come in buffet style. since it was held at home, i don't dress like a flower but just a shorts, slipper and tee. I hope peeps there were just like me, or else im gonna be the super ex ordinary ones. NO NO~
as my info, they invited 200 pax, but based on this pic...i don't feel like there is only 200 pax lol.

me and the gonna fat sis

look at the little album...soooo cute. Nowadays bridal shop do have their own tactics to attract ppl get married huh. As u know, gals like cute stuff!

in this pic....i was wondering....when i could have one of this tooooo~

note: the buffet starts at 7pm but we reach at 8pm, normally they will still have many food left there but here there is a no! i think they did order 150 pax for the buffet while they actually thought 200pax coming only...but there is more than that later on. It was kinda awkward for them u next time when u gonna have this in ur house...make sure u plan it proper^^ to avoid this happen




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