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Having Love War with that DUMB! I hate him!

I just found that its hard to angry the one you loved.
Even you did, it couldn't last for long.
Yesterday night after the emo phone talk, we hang up and he went out.
I used to wait for his call no matter how late he went home and i have early class tomorrow.

I dint for yesterday. I purposely go to bed early and ask him not to call and wake me.
Stupid me still woke at 4am to see whether his home anot, and saw his very SMS-short message service, "HOME" thats all.
Mad again.

Class at 8am today, i woke at 6am and he called because he used to wake me up for class. I always get late for class, he was worried im gonna get warning letter and stuff so he wake me every morning even though he has to work at 9am.
Once he wake me, he sleep for 3 hour and gotta wake again. Thats suffering...i know.
Probably i would wake at 6am but if you asked me to wake at 3 hours later, no thanks. Its hard! I wont get to hear any alarm calling me anymore.

When he called, i did something bad. I hang his called for twice and message him "im awake". What im doing? IDK.
Just mad at him for that very SMS and i know his mad at my very OUCH msg too.

After class i went to work again, normally he will call me before i work and msg me during working time to kill my bored-ness.
Today...we were cold. He was sick some more and i dont even know it until i saw FB.
Owh~how good is this web function!
I hope to care but i stop cause im mad. Even he did send a few msg to ask me not to be cold and angry, im still mad.

Night came, im awake from noon nap.
Cant stand anymore and he called. A few sweet talk, the frozen heart melts.
How i wish i could angry him longer.
I hope but i cant.




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