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KOrean BBq

Daddy is bringing us to dinner, sis decided to go for Korean food. This is what she likes beside Dim Sum
Where got nice and cheap Korean BBQ? For sure AMPANG Korean Village that opposite to AMPANG POINT. Go look for it peeps. Restaurant there are all open by korean and not locals.

Appetizer before the main dishes they serve. Personally love that spinach, egg roll, steam egg and fruit salad ^^

Kim chi soup serve with rice.

BBQ Boneless chicken

BBQ Beef...yum yum~sista and my favourite

This is recommended way to eat with the beef. Wrap with lettuce add on garlic and green cili and the spice sauce.

Beef beef matter japanese, western, chinese cooking style...i will always drooling for beef~

FREE fruit provided. Sweet watermelon obviously~

Some kind of baked barley and rice tea for FREE




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