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We Miss You Grandma...

ex grandma pass away since 2weeks ago. At first all of us burst into tears for the first 2 day...till then, we feel better. Maybe this the best way for her. At least she doesnt need to suffer anymore from the pain and yelling for pain. Its just that, when she pass away, she is so skinny~

I love to see her in the previous

3days spending time at here is totally not that bored at all i can say. Perhaps..FUN? I know i shouldnt say so but it looks like everyone like here alot! Every cousin brings their own lappie here. I counted and there is 8-10 lappie per day. Thanks to Xiao En Yuan WIFI.

I dint even saw her that concentrate in study before

After a few days crying, eyes were swelling

Junks and lappie

We dont need any perfume here, we already have the best resource~

Busy socializing~

Mr Elmo is always with me all the time. No matter im happy and and always. =)

The big house for grandma hope she will live better in other world. I know this sounds ridiculous but this is what chinese believed.

When the time reached and have to shut the coffin. All start o cry again...cause this time gonna be the last time to see her...again

I wish~all the flowers were...

Mr cousie...all people say he is kinda handsome. I wonder...where, what and why?


The Tan family

Heart thsi alot. 3 kinds of white flower...

simple yet nice

daddy cant stop teasing my sis is fat, pity her still can smile.

Finally she can take her pic...ALONE

The record of the day~

Pei Ai and sista. We used to play together and wearing holes singlet together but now...

Everyone is welcomed by the flower smile and bring in by the smell.

Cousin and sista in gaming status

Some kind of fish game. Damn~i play many times and loose, they name me dumb! Never thought of having this day, i thought i was genius of 3/10

Concentrate is what we need while paying game, but how about study? U are right, it only apply while exam days. Hi five~

People who stop by visit and enjoy the superb dinner provided here. Of course charges is costly too...but pay by us.

I never thought of meal here and the facilities will be damn good. We have superb hi tea at 3pm and tasty dinner with dessert serve and supper with some light meal and dessert. Oh my god~some cousie did say that "like we are having house party"
In those day, we dint loose any weight but gain. So now can u imagine how the food taste here?

It was the last day before my grandma buried. We burn all of the money we made and the houses and car and slave for her. Its a traditional...for chinese.

They light it up...


Supper time~cousin is enjoying his chicken wing
4th day in the morning~the last session
i see many colourful thing here~

Respect For her~

Ding ding~duk duk~dang dang

The profesional in this field
company's employee gonna burst the room~

The last respect given by them to my beloved grandma

From this point, we are going to walk with socks only to accompany my grandma to step in her world. Not very long road though but dad ask me and sista wear 2 layers of socks. I thought very long journey and painful loh~ITS NOT!

Daddy and his brother

We were causing jam for others

With the help of 7 officer we manage to reached our kampung in just 1 hour more...speeding~

The jam that cause by all of the visitor that hope to give the last respect to grandma. Imagine how long isit...and people cant even cut the lane. I feel proud cause they have grandma's heart but awkward cause the jam in kampung really no joke. Big trouble~

grandma is burried with her lover, my grandpa...he leave her earlier but now they finally can be together back. Are we suppose o be glad for them?




World Peace


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