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Lucky 9 Pool Bistro Model Search---Semi Final

Sep 2, 2009

After class, i reach Element Dot Style saloon at 5pm. Been dieting these day...sobs. All because of the chubby face. Since im early so i make up abit by myself then the rest wait till the make up artist to arrive and touch up for me. I love to eat when im doing make up and hair do. Orange are always my favourite.

Juicy and sweet~

While Caesar is curling my hair. We gossip-ing about women stuff. BUT but BUT, he's not gay or pondan. Just some research and human born to be.

Today is a little bit different, besides stylist and make up artist are here, there are pack with photographer too.
Bengio the boss

Joseph the artistic style director

My always favourite make up artist. Non like some others make up artist, they dont really care about what's ur preference for ur own make up style, they just do whatever they like on ur face. She will ask what u like and most important is she know u understand ur face more than her did.

Look at here baby serious face
The way she help u make up is really comfortable until i fall asleep twice. Love Bobbi Brown brush! If the chair is fully supporting my neck, i will just sleep and tell them wake me when only u are done. Lols

When she is applying eyeshadow

Hair do of the day...60% in progress

Credited to a net friend. He purposely want there to support me even i dont know him. Shock but still weird...and appreciate it kenji.

Sally Wu my babes, she is always friendly and talented. Currently doing on9 business which selling all kinds of bikini. Unique type~find me to get her if u are interest. Even hot body need something to bring it out rite babe?

Freestyle session which require u too pose and snap by the photographer. I forget to did this while my first heat after the introduction. NOT THIS TIME!

Outfit by LeeAnn, love this top. At least it is much better than the first heat.

Bikini session
Love this pic alot. using fish eye lens.

Prisca~love her alot. Never act herself to be like others, she's NATURAL

Peggy~met her one during that retarded interview long time ago and now...we are on the same stage. Love her catwalk alot, her style, her way! She got the height too and absolute born to be poser. I wish she could be featured on magazine soon...pray hard for her!

Raine...the pan asian that mix with thai and m'sia
Abbie, erica, me

me and venica

Happy three friends that we found at the competition^^

Grace and i both like POOL~wanna challenge us? Hmnnn~

When the finalist result is about to anounce~
Im in~included peggy, sally, grace, venica, erica, prisca, angelica, chloe and vivian.
Thankx alot for the support again guys~nxt round gonna be tough day for me again!
What i found in order to get safe to pass each round is CONFIDENCE in ur presentation. For sure it cant confirm u to let u win but 80% can let u be in the selected list. When u get into the final, the rest are to done by ur own with add on a litt luck. Judges always judge u thru the way u talk and how interesting u are. Of course, when u speak...where is ur confidence are also important!




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