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DG Color Model Search 2009---Semi Final

The shows start at 2pm but i reached there at 10am for make up(SUB) and hair do(ELEMENT DOT STYLE). Honestly, i feel damn piss with what the SUB STUDENTS did! Note!!! They are not pro or either students with basic. They are just a cow been stuff in many data of make up. Why say so? I told them i dont want my eyebrow in this way, so i draw myself, after that she wipe it off and said like that not natural i draw for u like what u wanted but natural abit! FUCK u! It was totally fucking ugly and i wipe it again and again. She still do the same thing on me!!!! So i just forget bout it and hoping done it faster so that i can ran to the toilet before the shows start. Its better i do it my own than them!!!
Forget this, she draw an eyeliner for me without seeing carefully which eye is bigger and smaller and judge which style suits me. There she draw and left a space there and fly up the liner to 45 degrees. WTH is she doing that i ask? Why is a space there? So weird i said, she said teacher said like that. I said i dont want, she said this is what teacher said. Imagine she said in chinese :老师讲,老师讲。。。keep on repeating once i tell her she's wrong. FUCK! Funniest part is my another eye does not came in eyeliner with space left at the eyelid. SO WHAT's THIS?!!! This might be not her mistake but is this what SUB ACADEMY teach? Students there never be independent and follow the situation? More thing to blame every single part of my face!
Foundation they applied is not based on our skin tone, its fixed colour skin tone that every student has! WHAT! WHAT kinda theory is that! My skin tone is much more fairer than what they applied on me. Damn~ i looks like an burn chicken.
Concealer...this is the dumpiest thing she ever told me. I got a reddish pimple on my forehead that day. So she applied skin tone colour on it to cover but it doesnt works. So i told her to use green one. EVERY GALS KNOW THAT green color reduce redness if they did read magazine or used to make up. But the god damn students dont even agree and said, 老师讲。。。again! I was totally fedup!
Eyelashes part...i scared i will make u pain can u clip your own. OH FINE!
Eyebrow part..."oh, i forgot to help u trim ur eyebrow, can u trim urself. OH GOD DAMN FINE! I dont even dare to let u touch it. I can imagine if i let u did it.
Fake lashes...she stick it not close with the real lashes. Guess what reason she give? She dint! She ask me to stick my own. AND WHAT~the lashes was new and she dint even cut it to fit my eyes.
Shimmer...she put silver colour that its really blink on my nose! Im totally crying this time, i look lie an idiot!
I just hope that she do it as what she want and let me get the hell off fast. Joseph was making my hair at that time, he calm me down. At that moment, i was actually thinking wanted to pulled of the competition. I got fucking no mood u know!

Prisca the dolly yet blur gal

Wadzi...the only foreigners we had here. She's African


Jean...she's friendly and kind and also a pretty gal even w/o make up. of the photographer favourites model. Hearts her big ribbon hairband

Jane and Sonia

Rachel the charming always smiley her smile and feature


1st session-product catwalk
Owh god~every contestant hate this par alot. Catwalk is easy but u have to promote in the same time once u get the product and u have no idea what would it be. During that catwalk, u'll have to let judges feel that u got the ability to sell it.

Not that lucky today...i got a bazoooka! It heavier than i thought

Now Q&A session
-intro urself
-explain product
-get the comment and feedback and ass off the stage
3rd session-casual wear by sponsors

That day was really blur on how to walk on the stage. The organizer organize the in and out stage till damn blur and changing in last min. Oh god~
And now~there the finalist gonna be selected. Every gals are nervous. Especially for those who pass thru the PK catwalk session. Can see that they are stress than us much more.
Suppose to be only 12 finalist but than judges found that 1 of the gal are talented during PK round. So are the finalist of DG Color Model 2009.
Eva, Jean, Sally, Denise, Cherlene, Rachel, Sonia, SKIP 3, Tiffany, Erica, Wadzi, Jane, Prisca, Angelica




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