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Mr Elmo a.k.a Sunshine

Tiffany is in love...Finally peeps~after 7month pass~
Congrats me~LOL
Never thought of we will together and loving each other.
Its like i never think that he will be the one that i wanted in my future...
He never thought of i will accept him at last...
But all this happen in a sudden...perhaps love at first sight?
All the while, things he has done is so touching...especially when my grandma pass away that period. I was depress and sad to the edge, family involve in war situation that happen only in drama's.
Everything in a sudden...and he's the one that be with me all this while. Comfort me when i have bad moody day, i release my stress on him, he never shout back but smile. He says that he understand it. Owh~how sweet! He even did come to Xiao En Yuan just to accompany the princess he loved. (opps~people who in love always treat herself as princess, pardon me XD)
Faith bought us together, going on is on our own.
God never fail u but u failed it.
If only we could hold on tight and never look back.
We have already success to place each other in our future.




World Peace


Since I Met My Sun-shine

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