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Johnny's with Mr Sun

Mr Sun was drooling for Johnny's in a sudden for no reason. So we headed there for lunch...
Drinks of the day-thai coconut and esprit lemon lime

Seafood tom yum and beef with spinach mee

Well, we feel kinda disappointed with the beef, its like CHEWING GUM! Damn hard to chew, i guess they over cooked it. Spinach mee if im not mistaken...over cooked as well cause it is too soft and i dont taste any spinach taste in it.

Seafood tom yum is the best among all. Love the fragrance. Mr Sun love spicy food alot~

When we were eating, there is a malay women kept starring us. Its not because i snap her in this picture but happen all the time while we were eating, chatting. The way she look at us like wanna kill us...its with anger. What had we done? Maybe its because she's lonely~and we reminds her alot of the past. LOL~i think too much.

Mr Sun named her TERRORIST

The without hair do and make up us. We might look sloppy in their eyes but we are the best in our own eyes, i guess that's the effect of love. What chinese says "情人眼里出西施”

Whenever i need a shoulder, there is a HIM~
now and always...




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