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Shooting-Shopping-Steamboat TASTY POT

Having indoor shooting today, thats what i like. At least u dont have to wake very early and see the weather "face" to do people. Agree? But indoor shoot its gonna be a bit bored. Think about it, staying in front of a white cloth for 2-4 hours?

Look at my lips, blink blink and thick is what they require today. Argh~i hate my lips. Anyway or idea to make it smaller?

Suppose to meet dear grace at 1pm but the shooting end at 2pm. Im late! That pity grace is eating her lunch alone...

After reached we go shop immediately. Accompany grace to get a few dresses and me too. For cheap and better quality is what we looking for since gals wont wear their dress more than 3-4 times right? and some gals will only wear once. Is that u?

Later then, we went to took Turkish ice cream. I hate that Turkish man, he was playing trick with my ice cream man! My heart almost drop off when he act like he is going to drop my ice cream. Choc choc~tiff's always favourite.

Now this the best part of the day! EAT ALL U CAN STEAMBOAT at TASTY POT with Jason, Reno and Joseph. After meeting them at their saloon, here we go for supper at 10pm. Sighx...never wanna to take meal that late is so tempting.

On the way, luckily its not jam at all. Or else i will be dead...HUNGRY!

AYI, Tasty Pot is located at Sunway Mentari that opposite Sunway Pyramid. When u pass by u will saw it. It is just beside the highway. If im not wrong the price is Rm 23.90 per pax, by paying this u can enjoy unlimited ice cream, seafood like crab, prawn, scallop and etc.

Compare to Yuen Steamboat which is also located at Sunway Mentari, both were also offering All YOU CAN EAT STYLE but TASTY POT has BBQ selection but its BBQ by the staff not ur own.

Scallop, lala...they have all of it.

Even the basic ingredient for steamoat they also provided too, but kinda disappointed with the luncheon meat lo. What kinda colour is that? I guess they pick the cheapest brand cause i cant even taste like what i used to eat at home. No pork taste at all...

Those extra food that they provide as side dishes or appetizer.

Onion lala & fried wan tan

Guess who's food? RENO YIP. He's a big eater...most of our food is finished by him.

This...i dont know what it called but it is so niceeee~!
They grilled it with luncheon meat and dont know what's that white color thing.

Madness! This is only one of the plate...not all. They took it for BBQ and boiled it and all in their tummy. I guess this is the so called eat back the cost till the pay back equals with ur utility satisfaction.
Chicken wing! Although no one grab its chic wing like what people did in YUEN's but the chic wing here is nice tho. Its garlic sweet and sour flavour. Slurrppp~

Cartoon's. I forced joseph to ate it! Muahaha~he say it taste sucks!

Fish noodle~my all time steamboat favourite but this taste a bit different

needle mushroom to be placed inside the tom yum soup and corn to sweeten the original soup.

Mr. Jason...does the chicken wing taste nice?

garlic and juicy juicy sauce
Note peeps~if u went there. Never ever ask the staff to BBQ the seafood especially crab and prawn. IDK why after BBQ it taste so damn salty and weird. Better if dumb it in the soup.

Prawn crazineeessss

Reno is looking, smelling at the chic wing. Oh god~
RENO: "oh pity little chic, i wonder why u taste so yummy~"

Everyone is crazy with the prawn, except me!

Gotcha ugly unprepared face!

The sick guy of the day, lucky is not H1N1 or else im gonna kick him out of this restaurant. I guess by now, H1N1 is under control already rite?
spot how many prawn shell on his side

soup of the day, soya and tom yum soup

There is a birthday guy here, can i have a cake too? Suddenly crave for it even tho i have ice cream with me now. Sad...he cant hear my wish.

Pardon me say so, smoker=idiotic

Looks like they have big plan after supper....*whispering in a loud background

Fat face...i ate alot these day.




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