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There is a day with YOU

Today baby's gonna bring me to watch " Where got ghost". I dont like it but i dint tell him, i kept quiet. Although many people feedback came out quite positive but i feel that if i dont understand hokkien im gonna be bored like hell inside. Surprisingly~its not! I loved it alot and glad that we manage to catch up before its gone. Hokkien inside were all basic that i can understand, even i dont baby gonna explain to me. Kinda annoying right? Look like i gotta get some tuition soon. This time, we never get late into the cinema like usual~

Guess most of the people have watched i dont have to be kepochi to tell stories over here.

Later on hop in ROOM EIGHTEEN for lunch+dinner cause we were rushing for movie once we reached there and only took some junks as "food" to shut our tummy yelling in the cinema. U wont want ur neighbour heard some sound came out from ur tummy when it's silent in the cinema right? Probably u will scared him away than the movie did if he dont know what sounds is that.

location: timesquare
Food and ambiance there kinda attractive us since both of us were drooling for something light and more variety...DIM SUM! He know i like that =)

One thing people might dont feel comfortable is the restaurant was located in the middle of the floor by not surrounding with any wall cause it was not a shop.

Besides, we feel awkward sitting here. Like im grabbing people's boyfriend from others table. Guess what? When we come in we saw there is a gay gang (girly types), a group of 6 sitting opposite our table. They just cant stop looking toward us. Since "he" is so girl, for sure his not looking at me lo. Owh god~my bf do attract not only girl!

Forgot what's his friend name beside. They were sms-ing and i dont even know that she's his friend. Lol~this is what actor and actress like.

Decor and environment
Those juices are really...TEMPTING!

Baby's prawn wan tan.
The prawn is super duper big and chewie chewie but not recommended to try. I guess they did put some stuff to make it taste so. DANGEROUS~
Btw, i dont agree with the price tho. It cost Rm 15 for this!!! Dumbo him~

Herbal xiao long pao

Its different with what we used to eat at Dragon-I or other restaurant. Or maybe im out, never taste before or heard before there is herbal xiao long pao in somewhere. The herbal xiao long pao is cheaper than the original one if im not mistaken ORI Rm 9, HERBAL Rm 6

Cant miss this while DIM SUM-ing

It will be better if it comes with porridge but porridge here is too big bowl, no point to waste since food in this table have the possibilities of wasting.

Guess what he did? He ordered 3 spoon for 3 times! Why? He drop it into the soup and make them soupie spoon dishes, how creative~

Cheong Fan with 3 flovours
1st is 罗汉斋
2nd is prawn
3rd char siew
You're in my life now, that we never thought of
You're the sun who give me warm let me feel secure
Always there when im having cloud above me
Always smile even get thunder shock

YOU tell me convincingly me that the road will till the future and u will be just right beside
You tell me sweetly that U will be the bee that always buzzing around the honey

You and me happen in a sudden, first sight love that I dont even believe.
You proved i to me by showing me your heart, how it looks like
Every 5 steps u made i made my first step, glad that u have the patience
Every moment we've been thru, I will cherish it from now on.




World Peace


Since I Met My Sun-shine

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