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Lucky 9 Pool Bistro Model Search---Final

Sep 9, 2009

Im so piss and mad of myself at this moment. After i park my car beside the drain, i walk on it and OH DAMN~i step in the wrong part and nearly fel in the drain. At that moment, my brain is shouting FARK FARK NO NO FARK FARK...
Luckily i dint fell in it, or else it will be my life biggest humiliation. How u want me to climb up from the drain and walk on the road or get in the car again? If i walk, ppl will be looking at me, if i get in the car, i will felt sorry to my car. Drain water are not perfume okay! IT STINK! I dint fell into the drain but i step into a stone which is real sharp enough to cause my leg bleeding non stop.
I was walking like cripple back to my home, the guard is looking at me and some even ask me what happen. I said "stone inside my leg". Their face chop out "OMFG look" and me...cry or not to cry expression. Tomorrow is my LUCKY 9 Final~how am i suppose to walk my catwalk in this kinda situation? How am i gonna perform my dance in talent session! Darn~all ruin by my careless. Im sick with myself~but at the same time, im happy that god dint let me fell in to that drain or else my leg gonna end up with scar all over from top to bottom. Owh~my silky smooth snow white leg...thank god!

When i reach home, i was calling mummy help me...sista help me...useless me dont even dare to see the wound after i saw a stone is stuck in there. I do nothing but kept pulling my sista. Actually it is not that pain, i mean i still can stand for it...but it is really damn disgusting u know. A stone stuck inside ur leg...INSIDE!

Mummy doesnt willing to wash my wound for me. She's afraid too. Keppt on ask me to flip over the skin and let her see how deep its the cut. Gosh~i say how can u be mummy like this. She answer me "mummy cannot scared one argh~" (=.=)''
Finally i flip it my own and let her wash it using dettol and stuff. I fainted after that in a sudden i blackout. This the first time i've been afraid of blood. When i flip it, the skin is...thick ones. Unlike those skin that we use to peel it when nothing to do and just for fun. Blackout doesnt feel good at all, u will feel like dying, sweat, eyeview getting blur...

Suddenly so unlucky lucky incident...its time to make real decision. Since i cant dance i'll just have to do it in another way. I sing~

Today is so nervous, idk why~but compare to the previous semi-final and 1st heat, my heartbeat is faster and faster.

Today make up is the best make up i ever had compare to 1st heat and semi. It is more like what im asking. happy goes lucky...hopefully

This time there is no outfit sponsored by anyone, all by own except hair do and make up.

Posing session

Thx alot to all the photographer for all the nice pic
Im Lovin it~
While waiting for our turn, snapping all the way to cure the nervous away~

Suddenly receive flower~thats my smile =)

Talent session~i sang 这就是爱吗by Joey Leong
Thanks alot to Anson for the music burning and Kenseh for the edited music. Without u guys, im pretty sure im dead and left zero during talent time.

Q n A session
Rowena is the host

At last, they ask me to dance too. Leg is begging me '"pls dont mummy~" "OUCH~"

All the Finalist of the day~sexy babeh!

Bikini session...paiseh-nya

Photo credited to SYA, a net friend who came by to support by not informing me or even a hi. When he tag me this thru facebok i only realise he was there. Gosh but Thx thx~

On the stage we look like no one to each other

but when we are in real life, we are friends that u might not thought of. Friendship is what the biggest award we gain thru this competition

Charlie angels...muahahah~

Chloe Yeam~the winner. Congrat babe~

Grace-miss photogenic

Happy three friends

Alan- he was from my high school Chong Hwa Independant High school too, we lost contact for long time...till that day we bump and im shock. In high school day he play chinese 24 drum but not with the DSLR.

On the way home~another 1am again. DAMN and finally

If only i invented a machine who help gal to remove make up while they enjoy their beauty sleep
Hmnnn~HI 5 gals!

Thx Alan for the roses.

Mr Joseph, thx alot for today. If it wasnt u, today will be totally ruin up, thx for caring me all the time. Love u as in friend. =)

Picture of the day ^^
Aikx~have to open my eyes wide in the middle of the nite to remove make up even how tired i am. Planning to skip one of those step but im not that brave to risk my face. So i did it as usual, HOT WATER SPLASH, OIL RINSE, GEL RINSE, FOAM WASH TWICE. SHIT! I need a make up remover machine now! Where to buy?




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