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Bubba Gump @ Sunway Pyramid

Wednesday again~sometime i love it sometimes i hate it! U i have 4 hours break.

What to do? Eat and eat and eat? WEIRD! Today is lucky day, Edward date me for lunch at Sunway Pyramid. So its a good way to spend my time. Went to BUBBA GUMP been craving for it since long time ago but then never had a chance been there.

Run forest run and stop forest stop

Speckled Lemonade Rm11.90
Bourbon Street Baramundi Rm 29.90
AYI, Baramundi is a kind of fish that i have no idea where it live at, but for me i feel its better than salmon of its texture.
The meal comes with nachos, mashed potatoes and alots of prawns!

The gravy is awesome!

Of Course We Have Scampi Rm 31.90
tender shrimp with capers in lemon garlic butter sauce serve with linguine
Dont really like it...too sour for me and maybe i dont like the linguine. I prefer something more chewy.
That Chocolate Thing Rm16.90
yum yum~was the first sight and few sip. After that, disgusting! Too sweet..gosh!
It has 3 layers which is cream, ice cream and the chocolate cake. I ate until the 2nd layer i started to eat the cake but i cant finish it cause i cant stand it anymore!

but but but....the best is at the bottom. That strawberry jam with seed~taste real and not artificial.

Tiff love dessert but not this...




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