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she's gone

she's gone,
leaving here to the happily after heaven they named it as
i thought she will be fine but after a few hour they told me her temperature is turning low and the pupil is up lifting
i get shock but kept quiet
when i reach the door, i don't even dare to see her
too many people are they, I'm afraid i will drop my tears down
i saw her from far, her breath is support by oxygen tank and breathing suffer
i went up the room and on9
telling myself everything gonna be alright
after had my dinner her eyelid closed, semi coma they called
I'm getting worried but we do nothing
there is nothing to do i should i say
i sat myself near to her, holding her hand looking at her
she's pale and cold
my tears are dropping
suddenly~the pulse are dropping
from 67-53
and suddenly...33 and go straight down slopping
my head was blank
the tears drop faster when the pulse are getting near zero
there...she's gone
in the day we should having our reunion dinner together
happy moon cake festival
i missed her
i loved her
but i never had a chance to tell how i feel


hEnRy said...

sad to hear that...
After reading your post, flash back feeling came into my mind. Kinda sad...



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