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Summer Time---Photoshooting

This post should be post long time ago but it was abandon at the corner. Poor memory i had, done alot of shooting at that time and dont really remember what i've post up.

I was late for this shooting, so sorry Anson. I receive the morning call at 8am and i suppose to be ready at that time but i just woke up, damn! So i jump up the car after packing my stuff and make up inside the shaking car. What a great challenge~
Took about an hour to reach there, KL is well known with traffic jam. After reach we quickly went down and start shooting because once is late then it will affect the quality of the picture and my presentation. The sun will cause the picture over exposed. Then it will be damage.

That morning is VERY HOT. The sun is freaking me out man...feel like pulling off but since i receive paid, i tell myself BE PRO least a bit to the sun and say hi. Luckily the photographer did help a bit, he bring umbrella along and ask me to pose with it. WHeeeeeee~~

So here's my pic for that day~
Hope u guys will enjoy =)




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