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She Just Broke Up

A working friend of mine jus broke up, i get to know this thru her facebook post. Still remember that time we work together at a fair. We took LRT home after the tired day end, we chat about the guys and the boss on our way home. She was sweet at the moment, i can feel that with her smile on her face, but now what i saw were just looking "positive" status update but i can feel her pain deeply even though she said that "the adventure gonna start" and "someone gonna regret". She post a update for every single 5 min. Its hardly to see so in normal day but today, that's already a abnormal act of hers.

Hoping she was fine but it really took time to get rid of it. I know it because i pass thru this. Its hard until you really get someone you really like and his really good. After the last break up, i was upset and depress and met a few guys, i thought i like them but it isnt. Im just desperate for love i guess. So end up, things doesnt work out as i wish a happy ever after. This happen to most of the girls i guess. When they are mad, they made revenge and they get lost with what they are.

Sometime when we broke up, we claim that we've made a mistake for choosing the guy but it isnt. Love is always a gamble right? You wont know it until the day u are dead. Its either u hope to see him break it once u pass your heart to him or after a few years. Things come weird...we hope for a forever in every single relationship but we hope to end the pain ASAP and hope that he or she could broke up ASAP if it doesnt works.

She just broke up and she's working hard to get rid of him. Just like the past or just like you for now.




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