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Food again~he never stop eating. Me??! Same lah~but is my weight never stop. I predict that im gonna be one of those overweight people like u see on the street soon.

Weather is got out there so we went to FEELING CAFE to relax...
Some cafe is only good in their music but not their food but this shop is different

His Thai Fried Rice
Love that egg smell~overall was nice but it will be better if it comes with some side dishes but what u pay for is what it shows right? So~since food here is already cheap enough, u get what i mean?

He love anything comes with CILI, and that gonna makes him smile =)

I Feel-ing in FEELING CAFE

While im Mag-ing

His preparing the food. Its not because im lazy or dependant but that foil is freaking hot and he said ITS MAN JOB =.=

Chef special baked fish
At first i found it kinda tasteless but the longer u eat the nicer it taste. Weird huh?
Fish is so luckily fresh~or else im gonna boom their head off.
For people who like fresh and natural taste could give a try on this.




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