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AUG 28, 2009

This few day often lepak at Jaya 1. I got freeeeee time until idk how should i spend it, so i just lepak there when my class end at 10am, SICK rite? So early and i got no one to go for. Ppl need to work and study, unlike me...finish class so damn early doing nothing. So i called Calvin out for lunch~ahah! He is always free when he doesnt need to collect cheque from dealer. Whee~

Was planning to go for japanese food actually, the jap food there is very authentic and nice but for sure expensive also, but food u found there are not salmon, tuna that common. Unfortunately~the restaurant is close and open at 6pm. DAMN~u got the money ppl also dont do ur business lo.

So we went to KISSATEN for lunch...late lunch~
At first i thought it was also jap food because of the name but then...abit wrong
But never mind, i LOVE IT alot. The ambiance tak payah cakap lo. Neat and clean and modern simple. Price is average rate only ^^ When i saw the menu~i dah terpikat la...

Now u guys get what i mean CLEAN, NEAT, SIMPLE MODERN? THIS is the PROOF

See the menu~it comes in set that definitely make the food here more tempting

Juices and Milkshakes....yum~

My favourite lemon drinks come in
Nice pic tho

Salmon Steak look delicious

Fried spring chicken

Maybe a litt Haagen-Dazz after meal....then how bout my diet plan?


I love the egg yolk on top ONLY
AYI, im an egg addict

After flipping the menu from front to bottom~bottom to front, i finally decided to take this.
This is what it looks like in the menu, hope so there is no BIG different when the food come.

OMG~i think it comes in 100% similar with the menu display pic. Taste ichiban!
See this 9 layers burger~~~~~~yum yum! Its pork burger that we seldom get in other restaurant especially in M'sia!
Never taste pork burger and this is so awesome! The pork is well massage and only cost u rm8.90 and giving u 19.90 quality. What say u? MUST TRY LA!
Besides Haagen-dazz i spotted this! Miss it alot after eating ALEXIS's im gonna get one of this tooo~since Dazz can get it whenever i want, just Jusco will do.

FABULOUS! This is so much better than ALEXIS's one...the banana juice is....idk how to describe but u guys should really try on it.
I hope tomorrow is a better day for me~
I hope i wont shout tomorrow when i saw im gaining weight at the mirror~
Im praying hard~hallelujah~
I hate that model search stuff....its killing me and i have to diet just because my pic will look better and slimmer. I dont give a damn...i wish i could say that!


Janice Phua said...

that restaurant look nice! the menu as well! hmm didn't notice it when I was studying in UTAR tim. gonna try it out next time! so many selection and most importantly is the price! so affordable~ thanks for posting up ya (:

tiffany tan said...

ahah~u should go try then. confirm it will never dissapoint u.
u are welcome~~



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