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14th Monthsary

This monthsary was bitsie different. Its a supper and Chinese food. I think its the first time because at the past 13 months, i don't take Chinese food during monthsary. Hahhaha~this month Bu insist it. Actually i wanna eat Mamak food!

Canton Kitchen without "I"

They have one outlet in Bukit Tinggi too, cant wait to try! Because we saw some food were shown in the menu but its not selling here =(

Little kid!

After event

They don't serve Heneiken here so Carlsberg for him. I found there's different between us yet its our similarity. He takes beer during monthsary and i must take dessert. Hahha

We are really growing *to sideway*

Not much dishes were ordered...but still we enjoyed so much! I can see from his happy face because i approved -Chinese Food- LOL!

Kangkung Belacan my choice

My hands are ready for food!

Some famous noodle...i forgot their name =.= Must Try!

Ah boy favourite dish!

Awesome prawn! Its much more expensive than the other type. Its written "river prawn" in the menu. Weird huh! But its bigger and much more...lacking words to describe it.

My boy eat prawn with its shell together, infact the whole family does, ONLY ME. So he has to remove for me =D

That's not all. After washing his hand the smells still stays. And my boy is smelling his finger all the way. I tried, mad gross! It was some residue smells from the gravy.

Bu said "We gonna eat that again, real soon."


Anonymous said...

You're so effortlessly pretty!! And no, I'm not a guy :P Stay sweet with your boy :)



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