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I'm a Maid. I Show My Love. I Ain't Racist.

See how imba are we Taylorians! All sociology students are paying a visit at Sentul Refugee Center. Anyway, its a must because we need to get info/survey from them in order to complete our report. Didn't join them at Subang because its a bit dumb i drive all the way to Subang from Cheras and took the bus to Sentul and back to Subang collect my car from Subang and back to Cheras.

Now you saw how looong is the sentence means how troublesome it is.

To be short, i drive from Subang to Sentul. The end.

Salute myself that i managed to find the way using my iPhone Map. Woots!

Lexxi and Kit Yee fighting. LOL 

Their hostel.

Juliet with Xiao Jie look also helping! OMG!

Red glove provided for maid like us =P

Serious meeting. "How to clean and makes it shine? "

Our lecturer Mrs Singh and the person in charge.

After the cleaning session, we were all exhausted. I was looking forward to paint the wall (its in the plan) but suddenly due to some reason they ask us to clean the whole building. =.=''

Homemade food for them.

Nasi Lemak prepared by me recommend by Bu. FYI, this stall located at Setapak morning market. He can eat it LIKE every morning.

Junks! No healthy!

Home made pudding.

Rainbow flavour!

It was my first time buying so many NASI LEMAK!

Don't LOOK SMALL on this tiny little speaker. It SHOUT-OUT-LOUD!

The cutest part is, it'll jump!

"Once upon a time..." time...

Story book by the refugee center. Awwww~

Lexxi aka Alexandra


We are all one here.

Sheng with his creepy face!

Gaming session with the refugee. I did not joined them but i had fun eventhough I'm just looking at the side.

Best pic of the day! We found that Ah Foo looks like the character in the book!
Oh my my!

Rate here- 1---5

Me rate 5!

After "True or False" game, now they are playing musical chair with really POP music! Damn happening!
At first they started with this much people...

Then it become less...

And lesser...

ONLY TWO! At last winner goes to the Indian guy. Everyone cant stop laughing. You should have be there to share the joy because you cant read and feel it how excited are we.

I always have this thought...refugee are way behind us. I'm not racist, what i meant was...maybe they are a little different like us, they don't communicate well like us, they don't study much like us because their country is lacked of resources. I think its some kinda stereotype i received.

But hell NO!

They were smart and friendly! They can communicate in English well, their add maths might be better than me. By looking how they smile, it might be bitter sometimes but they lived it right. I must said they appreciate chances given by people more than us. Unlike local people eh hem hem, they were given subsidies for studies but end up they spend the scholarship in some stupid gambling, racing, drugs. WTF right?

Most of the country are protecting the minority but why HERE, they are protecting the majority? Not trying to create racist issue so don't make a big fuss here. I'm just wondering WHY-OH-WHY!

Me, i hafta admit i don't appreciate things when they were given, i might take twice to get it right. I have this very strong thought of POOR children handle stuff or what-so-ever better than most of us. (If i offended you by saying POOR, I'm pretty sure its your problem because you don't get what i mean.) They always take one shot to complete all the task. I think its because they were brought up in that situation, its a No for second chance. Every second chance pays more.

We failed our subject in college, we retake. In this process, let me ask you. Besides worrying you gonna get screwed by your parents, have you ever thought of your parents don't have the money to "support" your "second chance" ?

Hahah~i got your answer already. Keep it to your own and start fixing it!


Anonymous said...

I came across your blog when i search for BB cream.luv to read it.another posts were also awesome 2.i learn a life of chinese people since i'm malay.i do admit some(lots) malays dont grab opportunity given 2 them, but for a good country, it should protect the indigenous.u can research n c that other country do it 2.but of cos, the minority have their rights 2.maybe they(u knw who) dont follow a proper guideline...



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