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Puma Happy Hunting Party at Ecoba

Thanks to Sirens Media for the invite to Puma Happy Hunting Party. It was free flow all night long and finger food provided too. The party was held at Ecoba. Well, first time being there was a bit Hahahahahah. Arrived there a little bit earlier because the event started late. I don't like guys giving me that cock stare! I'm not the only girl on earth man, pay some respect! But still I'm having a great night with the bunch.

Didn't took much picture that night so some of the Pic credited to Sam and Eric =)


Our table

My very colourful hand. Anyway that sticker hurts! My hair was too long i guess =X

Me like all of em!

Free flow all night long. Carlsberg, Vodka and Whiskey...

Hehehhe~freebies comes in a HUGE box.

Blue lens for the day- no critic from Bu
Big layered earrings- comments and critic from Bu.

He just doesn't like it so so so much because he said he don't want my ears have a huge hole on it if i wore heavy earrings for too long. He said when i get old like a grandma, i will have a long long ear. Too bad, all my earrings was LIKE THAT, BIG!

It's a Hunting party, so YAY to Stripes!

Decor of the day- REAL SHOES hanging above you


Cedric with me


Its a free flow, who doesn't drink?

Host of the day

Daniel Liu if I'm not mistaken. Great violinist

Shaun Lee the beat boxer in age 16. WTFFFFF! His performance makes my jaws drop on my foot. I heard of his name so much but didn't really had a chance to see it. Finalleh!!!

A, One, Satu, Yat, Yi 16 years old boy!!! I still cant figure through it. Heard of Boom Boom Pow? He could do that using ONLY MOUTH (not singing). Ok maybe BBP was not too fantasome for you. But letme tell ya, his bass was so REAL. And he even put the mike at his neck/throat to do the effect (unlike sticking your mouth to mike).

All girls were screaming for em. =O

Different types of catwalk.

Loving the "Alice and Wonderland" types of catwalk.

Heart this BB much! Instead of changing it to don't know what colour for your case, this rainbow keypad stands out more!

Keiron with me

Bumped into him, which is unexpected. Another male model i met during shows.

Xiang and gf was crazy about tap tap revenge.

Happy Three

Sam, Tiff, Simon




World Peace


Since I Met My Sun-shine

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