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1st Anniversary- Angus Steak House

I wrote 1st instead of remind bu there will be 2nd and 3rd dot dot dot.
First time doing card myself and bu got shocked. He saw the card and surprised, said: " wow, upgrade to handmade yo." OMG! Sounds so sarcastic!

Rose rose i love you.

Happy boy with smiley face.
We got a room just for US. Having our meal, just 2 of us. =D


If you found that is too complicated, just remember this. Always start from outer side.


This bread comes with some "prik prok" sound. Fresh from oven and its so crunchy!

Salad with Japanese dressing. Salty and i like it!


I like it but bu treated it as "alien"

He only eats cucumber and a little lettuce =.= 

Bu's seafood set in hot plate

Scallop pasta

Bu's meal was awesome. The price was slightly high though but its FRESH! Sweetness you can tell.

My not so creamy pasta = not fattening! Hahahah


comes with very small tiny pieces

Our first couple ring


*Smells armpit*

Picture of the day =)

Dot dot: 2mths expired post =X


catherine said...

Hi girl,may I know how you tie your hair?tutorial perhaps,hehe.

tiffany tan said...

hmnnn...i'll consider about it because im thinking how to make a video like others. Hahahah lousy me. Any advice?



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