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13th Monthsary

As usual, every month I'm looking forward today. Is our monthsary! Every 4th we will planned for our dating schedule, of course some good food is needed. It doesn't matter with the price of the food, place we go. Its the matter of what we both LOVE.

Went for a movie with Bu like biasa. Its Harry Potter our both LOVE! I told bu it was a 2 freaking hour movie and i need something-something really much...he bought me this! Chatime which i heard about it ages ago. We sneak it in...xoxo.

He's not a bubble tea fans, i just hate him (only this). He got this stupid thought of he'll get choked by the pearl and die. OMG! Don't we all have teeth? I guess my bu's teeth is not functioning. But still I'm happy to have my very own bubble tea for 2 freaking hours!

Lets talk about HP7. This movie sucks to me. It was a waste of money and time. They separate it to 2 episode and drag it to some pointless movie. I guess the climax will only appear in the coming ones. Pathetic much!

Decided to go girly with bow on our monthsary.

Since its been a while we had jap food, so today is the day! Ichiban boshi our all time favourite!

Bu eat this whenever he had sushi. *slap forehead*
I just don't think that its so special, maybe it was his habit though.

Sashimi here serve fresh and chilled. Not to thick also not to thin. Price are affordable too! (of course don't compare it with those fine dining jap restaurant)

Asahi for him

Look at his greedy face! Sushi wont choked him to death but tiny pearls do =.=''

My salmon!

We love beef like how we love each other. We eat rendang beef for nasi lemak, rib eye at western restaurant, fried beef at Chinese restaurant...etc!

The beef gonna burn his tongue!

There he goes annoyed by me. He don't like I sit and stares whenever he's eating, he want us to eat together. When i tweet or taking pictures around while I'm suppose to eat, he'll nag alot. So now, ever since he had a foursquare, he didn't realize he's doing the same thing too! Hmph!

My satin material earrings.

Bow in black because i got a lighter hair colour =p

Add on this last min, spicy crunchy (cereal) fried chicken. Bu was having soar throat, so it took me a while to decide.

J.Co froyo with super fresh strawberries.


Went Uniqlo and decided to shop kaw kaw. We were so excited before we walked in. Unfortunately, we got nothing! The whole shop were selling winter stuff. Disappointed! And we found that there's nothing so special about this shop and why everyone is bragging about it? ZzzzzzzZzzz

Only this i found <3




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