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Go Kart at Shah Alam

Before finals hit me, i went Shah Alam with the college mate to distress ourself. Bbbbut i actually went there to join a car race, however i didn't joined at last because it requires to drive a manual car and I'm suck with it. Btw, who success joining Redbull car race do share your joy here! Let me envy you =p 

I drag Vk along too bad he didn't joined too because he claimed it was stupid to drive around cone instead of racing. Hahah. Vk drag along Ching Jin and babe Mun skipped her class just for this. LOL

We end up joining Go Kart. =0

Oppsie not we, only guys. Me and Mun was too afraid of the sun because its burning and those helmet deffo doesn't looks hygiene enough to convince us to put it on. Everyone is sweating (like raining) after the ride.

Just realised my Strawberry colour has faded! Oh noooes! Red never last isn't it?

Let the race begin! Hoohah! They took 100cc instead of 80cc. The difference was Rm 80 for 100cc and Rm 30 for 80cc. Speed was so much different!

The Go Kart was located at Shah Alam stadium, so if you are interested don't forget to bring your shoes along. Ladies pls wear leggings or something long.

Girls have heels in their car, guys have shoes too!

Ewwww~he wore that stinky helmet! Gross max!

I guess guys just don't care so much about it when its about excitement, and that can be explain with one night stand. Don't have much comment on this issue but i 100% disagree if you already had a gf/bf. For the single ones, please practice safe sex. Erm for girl, respect yourself so others would do so. You wont want others to label you as "that girl is easy to hook" right? You never know what would happen next and life can be as dramatic as you imagine!

Look at the boys! They are smiling even though the game hasn't started yet. Oh my!

Look at Ching Jin's (grey shirt) hair, and they only played for 10 mins! 

Total using Rm240 for 3 rounds. Each round 10 mins. 30 min burned Rm240. =0
Expensive game i would rather use it to eat. =X

Some goodies to share =)
Wanna play this expensive game but wished to save a little bit more money, Sepang's Go Kart is having Ladies Night at every Friday. Ladies can play for FREE. Imba huh?


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