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The Loaf at Pavilion

Sunday ahhhh...for the past two weeks i cant feel it at all. Today, like finalleh.
Thinking where to breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner?

The Loaf is the best!

They served awesome bread and desserts and also main course that you wont forget how it taste.

I went in during Hi tea hour for my late lunch before catching up for movie. I was actually attracted by the smell of bread. Just like when you pass by Subway.

It seems like no one...but it doesn't mean that the food is not good at all. Give a try people!

Seafood Gumbo- Soup

tomato broth with prawn, squid, clam and chicken meatball was that small tiny portion only.

Field Fresh Mushroom (must try)

sauteed button, enoki, eringi, shiitake and honshimeji mushrooms tossed in baslamic dressing and topped with Parmesan cheese.

Some may find this dish is so disgusting but for a fungus addict like me. Oh yeah! I must tell ya, they cook in a very very different way. I can feel heaven everytime i eat it and its a must order dish.

Marinara pasta

Deep blue ocean prawn, squid, scallop, and clam sauteed in tomato coulis and fresh basil leaf.
Super epa fresh!!!

Peppercorn Salmon

Sarawakian peppercorn and paprica seared Salmon with sauteed baby romaine, chicken bacon, and spicy baslamic glaze.

The salmon is...more than thumbs up can describe.

I told ya...all food is awesome can die. I didn't know how to recommend you which is MUST TRY because ALL of it are MY MUST TRY!




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