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High Tea at Lavazza Cafe

Heard one of my high school mate brag about this cafe long time ago, wanted to meet up so badly and finally we manage to dig some time out. This place is effing hard to find. You'll never expect to see it in that area when you scroll through my picture.


Food selection

Look at the customize cake! Omg! Pweaty pwease...i want ONE ONLY...

All details was done nicely!

The layer dress

Perhaps for your modern grandpa?


Like the crashing blue and pink, black and white!

Didnt tried the choc but it looks nice tho~


Its my all time favourite besides teh-o-ice limau! Anyway this doesn't disappoint heavy choc lover like me.

My very first time trying macarons so not much comment could be given.
Oh well~too sweet for me.

Wondering why I'm here? All because of THIS!

My high tea set which contain croissant, sandwich, bruchetta, muffins, scones and etc!
Worth the try!

Now they are doing breakfast set too! Go check it out!

Cant wait to go? Here's your map


zm said...

O_O Lavazza?!
i went to lavazza in france! wow tak sangka malaysia also have..

D O R I S said...

OMG the cakes! too pretty to put into my mouth.. next time gonna try! hehe..

tiffany tan said...

Zm- hahha are u sure is the same cafe?

Doris- yea..also cost a bomb!

zm said...

hmm...i checked again..same name..but logo different..haha maybe is not the same ba..but wad language is "lavazza" actually?hmm..
quote my fren's photo..
dono u can see anot..



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