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Pao Xiang Famous String Tied Bak Kut Teh

Bak Kut Teh is not our first choice, it was suppose to be Yuen's Steamboat Buffet but they did not open. Super fail!
Bubi and i thought of trying it at noon so that we wont be suffer at late night if it takes time to digest.

From Sunway we went to Puchong, FYI, this place is like a food heaven! Most of the restaurant there are  featured in 8TV Ho Chak! The super famous spot, Bdr Puteri Puchong! I thought of trying the shabu shabu steamboat but bu said its sucks.

A few turning - he saw this BKT - he gone mad instantly.

They have branch at Tmn Conought, SS15 Subang and HERE.

The full of meats menu.

It was full with human but luckily we don't need to que up.

Honestly, I'm not a super fans of BKT, but the BKT smells from others table makes me drool!

My boy got a really bad habit! He never eats meats without fats but I'm the opposite of him. Normal hawker center they don't serve you nice triple layers fat char siew, so he will just throw away. Wasted!

Argh~actually my previous hair colour also not bad, i don't know why must u dye it again and again.


One for you, one for me.

My private waiter. Heheh~

Heard this was the most oil sucking tea type. 

Yao Mak vege
Nice looking vege always comes with thick layers of oil. Agree?

Baby boy favourites! He can finished the whole thing included the fats. Ewwww~
Check out the string tied mark!

Mua favourites! No fats!

Each tiny little bowl will cost you Rm 9, so total will be Rm 18 here.
Worth it or not, you just hafta try it your own.

Under the tiny little bowl, its actually a cooking pot.

Soak it FTW!

Sei Ham Sap Lou! Whatcha looking at?

Burp! I stinks because i ate too much of garlics.

4 bowls of rice, 3 kinds of pork, 1 vege, 1 tea = Rm 48++

Bu's berry cute look XD

After that we went IOI shopping mall for a walk since we never been there before. Surprisingly they have Apple store there! Bu got me this very rare ice cream from one bubble tea shop.

Soya flavour ice-cream! Rm2

Must try if you really like soya like i do.
Don't try if you were looking for super sweet dessert, its not too sweet and the soya taste is really strong.

Groceries shopping to hunt for our Thai flavour mee cup noodle.

Who did this? Those people plain free lo! But its funny tho~


fai said...

nice meh?

never been thr. although i live thr....

why come so far to eat bkt??

puchong batu 14 gt one bkt oso very nice...



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