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FML, Today is a History!

My mind kept appeared FML FML FML...x unlimited times.
Today someone has created a history for me. I cursed that idiot bastard asshole, no i shouldn't because all these word also cant use on he/she. They are way more pathetic and worst.

I used to had a great breakup fairytale as my gorgeous record in my history, now...this eventually replace all of this shit and kick them out of nowhere.

My Car is stolen.

Cursed them who stole it! Your dick wont be functioning in the rest of your life, your pussy will be having worms crawling, your leg is gonna broken, hand gonna chop off, head gonna drop down, whatever that torture you. You deserve it. =)

Ok, shall stop cursing. My car is on the way to Thailand already. I guess~


I never even took a picture with my car before and now its lost. I mean the whole car from outer la.
I miss it so much. Baby, come back =(

How it happen? Guess you all wanna know and please stop asking and read this!

Reached college at 9.15 am, when i collect my car at 3pm, its fucking gone. My friend said she reach the housing area which is the place we often park our car, she didn't noticed my car was there, so i believed that less than an hour i parked my car, its already gone.

I check from MPSJ again and again, they said they didn't tow it. My heart immediately drop off.

It just G-O-N-E!!!

I guess I'm suppose to praise myself for being so calm and settle all the thing myself. I know it wont change the fact. No matter how many tears i wasted, how many trees i sacrifice for using the tissue. While i was walking to my parking, i was wondering where did i parked my car, thinking and recalling. No, I'm in the right place but where's my car? I walk around there's no sign of it. My car park was park by some others car. I was blur. I was wishing so badly that it was tow or i park at the wrong place. Dreaming~

After done confirming, i called my dad.

Me: " Daddy, car was stolen."
Dad: "S-I-L-E-N-T...where?'
Me: SS15 (My college)
Dad: " police"


AM so shock seriously, he didn't ask much. Nevermind, maybe he's having hard time to digest or he's busying with his stuff. But now at home, he didn't even ask me any of it. What's happening??? Its way more scary than he scolds me lor. I was hoping him to say something *touchwood*

FML...The car was only 5mths-baby-old
FML...5 pairs of new heels and flats was inside and i wore it less than 3 times! BB Cream is all inside the car. Sekali gus...bye bye
FML...all college stuff was inside my car. Hello Kitty is inside!!!
FML...i haven't bang someone with my car! disco ball is inside and its a pressie from a important people. am i gonna go college? Mum and dad car are too big to drive!
FML...everyone asking me how the hell my BIG CAR can disappear like this? Tell me!

Its too much to continue Fucking-My-Life upside down now.
Insurance will be paying us after 6mths of investigation, so it means that daddy still have to pay the loan and its fucking Rm1500x 6mths! Its not bloody cheap.

And now if possible I'm leaving to US at 2011 April, intake at August. After 6mths from now, if we still don't find the car, why i need it for when I'm going to US? After 6mths it will be...February 2011. Awesome!

The most worst part is...i don't have any transport now. And i don't like depend on people. Asking people fetch me, matching their time, waiting hours or even one min...nonsense! Even my mum i also don't like. Its troublesome! I've been going all the way by myself to coll and everywhere, now what! But if asking my dad to get me a car at this moment which there is 0.000001% to get back my baby car, isn't that a big risk and wastage while i wont be using it long? I'm going US for 2 years man! But if don't buy car, where is my transport then? My old car is given to cousin and they fixed it impossible to ask them give back right? Mum's old car also sold to use car, in a sudden 5 cars turn to 3 cars. We thought it was just nice, but now who knows this shit happened! Blame that retard who's gonna face the karma soon.

Mum's telling me, if its missing to long better pray for it not gonna show up again. EVER!
If its show, imagine how its gonna looks like? Its gonna be like a girl who rape by 8 guys (no offended, just description). Its not their money who bought their car, who gonna cares?

Daddy's been spending not titsie bitsie on my car. Tinted, security, change the player to touch screen, install some camera at the bottom of car so that i wouldn't knock down any tree. But, its all wasted now.

Gotta thanks Renesha, Karmun, Ching Jin and Eric for the help. They're the ones who cheer me up and accompany after this shit happen. We went Snowflakes. My first time ever!
And loads of list going but its kinda hard for me to type all out.

I'm kinda impress you know! I post it at Twitter and Facebook. And i saw loads of response. People is Retweeting it which idk who they are and they don't follow me, and its alot

Oh well, follow by this car stolen case. After reporting, i went to Sunway Hotel. Its my dad's company anniversary dinner. FML KAW! Mum has to pick my dress, heels, clutch to there in order i could make in time.

I don't feel like going, but its a must. Good thing! Once i reached, all cousie is asking already. Facebook!
To everyone there, i have to matter what.

Updates more once i had the mood back. ='(

Do note!!! My lost car!

WTT 3231
Toyota Rush - Silver

Do contatct 012 606 3955 once you saw it.
TQ and appreciate much!


Sherwyn Chin said...

My my. what a dilemma. really wish i could help, but RT was all i could do.

You handled the situation well =)

hope things get brighter from now on =)

Anonymous said...

my car was stolen INSIDE my house too, but the police found it back in 2 weeks time.

well, put some hope on the police.. =)

and my car was damanged in SS15 housing area too, next time better rent a parking lot

tiffany tan said...

Sherwyn: yea hopefully could be found in a week time than it should be awesome!!! ANyway heart the help =)

Tzyy: what? INSIDE house abit kuo jeong lo. but when u found ur car how was it?

Anonymous said...

yea they broke my housegate machine.. my car ah.. kena poke a few holes behind lol and had a fake plate

tiffany tan said...

mind telling what car r u driving? But since its a fake plate how polie found its ur car?

they dump beside the road?

Anonymous said...

driving a cr-v. they got their own records of cars which are left over untouched on the road.. something like that.. its actually in a parking lot somewhere in selangor, cant really remember..

afterall you can still do nothing, just find yourself a transport to uni and leave the job to the police/insurance. =)

Mandy said...

Tiff, my customer lost her Toyota Rush in Giant, Bdr Puteri. and she told me there's a group of gangster stole it and ready deliver them to philippine.

tiffany tan said...

tzyy: guess what. those car are those thief fav! OMG! damn hak zai lo.

Mandy: yea, today i just found out from my insurance adjustor that this car is a hitto to steal. hot in demand! so how long edi? found?



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