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Restaurant D' Rich - King Of Good Food

Holidays is over, I'm dying. Blame the sucky timetable! Class starts at 8am. Freaking early! It took more than an hour to reach. How bad is the traffic guess everyones know. Again lets talk about food!

Went to might market near Kuchai Lama loooong time ago and it rains in a sudden. So decided to hang out in one of the cafe to solve our hunger since might market junkie session is gone. Found this new restaurant (now its not new anymore because this is a 2mths expire post i guess.)

It attracts me in a looks like Paparich with all the design. 

You can see loads of humans in it eventhough its new!

The look alike Paparich Corner

Checking around what's people ordering is a must when you went into a NEW Restaurant.

More and more desserts!

Me like its menu. All come with pictures. Hate those restaurant which never included any picture inside their menu. Its freaking hard to imagine!

All time favourite =)
More lemon please...

Mushroom Soup in bread.

It looks huge to you but lets compare with the spoon beside. Oh well, you got it?

Not bad mushroom bruchetta. If the bread is more crispy it would be better.

Fish fillet pasta. I'm loving this!!! Awesome!!!

Sis said my top looks like SCS butter. =.=''

Wasted the bread at the end. Its tasteless without the soup.

Do pay a visit there. Overall i think its a great place to hang out with nice food and friendly environment.





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