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Mitrajaya 25th Anniversary

Daddy's company dinner is in the exact day which my car lost. How FML!
The car lost is already a torture part, then my dress gone bitchy again. At the end, i wore singlet and high waist skirt to a ballroom. FML max. But its over now. 

Lovesss flowersss...

Theme of the year : Roaring 80's!

Sunway Hotel

Menu of the day.

Auntie, uncle from mummy's side.

Cousie from daddy's side.

As mum always said, Chen is always my handsome cousin brother and also the maddest one. He's been bombing my grandma flower pot every CNY! Ever since my grandma moved up to KL, we've lost that chance..and now my grandma passed away...the chance of celebrating with none. =(

Very typical starter dishes

Shark fin which i hates. Loads of tong hun inside but of course its so much expensive if its all real sharkfins.


Thai fish! Fresh fresh fresh!

Duck and chicken


Chilling time!

The host caught both of my big and small cousie up to stage to dance YMCA because they are virgin. Lmao!
Introduce you Shen and Jeremy!

Shen, Samantha cousie and me

Chen and Shen cousie

Xiang, Samantha and Chen

I got no mood so no camwhore picture in this post. Your eyes is clear now =D




World Peace


Since I Met My Sun-shine

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