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Breakfast Could Be Rm100 or Rm10

Loving western breakfast. Especially during holidays. It will gimme kick start for the day. However, everyday i woke up at noon. Like 2pm? Hahah~

Look how tempting it is! Perhaps it might be different to you but well...I'm a weirdo. I like looking at breakfast sets. I'll feel super sduper hang fuk after looking at it.

Tell you something secretly, today i went to a mamak with some friends nearby my college. Surprisingly they had this western breakfast too. Served with hash brown, sunny egg, ham and baked beans (Ewwwww, i hate most) and i just cant stop staring at the menu. My friends laughed at me. =D

Breakfast from DOME.

Both mua favourite. Blueberry and iced choc. Yums!

Guess how much is the bill? BOOM! Its a freaking Rm 100!!! Maybe I'm too hyper therefore i didn't noticed that. My bad =p  Of course there's one asam fish main course not shown over here because i thought that its not suitable to call it as a "breakfast". To me, rice cant be a breakfast. Huahaha! I'm super pantang!

In contrast...the Malaysian breakfast is here!

Char Kuey Teow. Ewww~its a lunch for me. That's Mr Sun's ones, mine is super crunchy kaya bread!


Eggie egg egg with yolksssss....yes! Nobody ever dare to steal it. Because you cant imagine what I'm gonna do next right after what you did! And this happen to my sis and Mr Sun. Mum will make sure she had prepared enough eggs for us to avoid us fighting egg! Mr Sun will order double egg, so one each for both of us. *winks

Never never phail me! Milo kosong kaw ice! Without it I'll look like NOTHING. Look at my intro. Milo is my saver. Tee hee~

All this costing around Rm10. Oh well, that's high and low.

Just another food post, eh hem...that's loads to go...with names and price perhaps if i remembered it. =D



hEnRy said...

Very big difference price range. LOL



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