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Liese Bubble Hair Colour

Finally, i get to try this new product. Everyone is talking about it. Even my boy also knows about it. I was worried about the outcome and may wasted my money so baby bought this for me. 38 bucks is still in my purse. Ch-ching! Muahahah~

NOTE girl: Colour are for illustration purpose only.
The colour is always depends on your colour thickness, darkness.

The box contain:

Instruction booklets in 3 language.

And pictures which is good enough for guidelines.

Colour mixer and bubble pump

Hand glove. I must said its quality its better than brands i ever tried.

After hair serum. Normally other brands will only give you hair conditioner but this is after shampoo serum.

And a tester board for you to test whether you are allergic to this products. However, i skipped it.

My very ugly zhao tut hair with black roots. A bit regret that i dye my hair too light, now it makes my black roots super obvious.

Top view

Side view

Step 1- mix both of the chemical together.

Step 2- Mix it well but DON'T SHAKE IT. Just turn it upside down until well mixed. If you shake it, it will turn out bubble-ish and will affect the outcome.

Step 3- change the cover to the bubble pump.

Bubbles makes me excited! Time to start!

Opps, forgot to tell ya, I'm using MILK TEA BROWN.

All it took was just only 1 hour or less. Prepare 5 min, bubbling my hair 25 min, waiting time 30 min.

Look at my black roots! Its gone but the colour is not even at all. Oh shit!

Before -------After

Convenience- 8/10
Colour selection- 9-10
Satisfaction- 6/10
Smell- 6/10

My 2 cents: The colour is really nice although it looks no different to you, but my friend said my hair looks more brown and lighter in real life. However i don't really recommend people who dye their hair before to use this especially when you have black roots. The colour will turn out uneven. And not only me who said this, most of my tweet peeps also said this too. I've tried hard to put more colour on top but it seems doesn't works at all. So yeah~ but my hair dint turn out really dry even i did not use any conditioner. Hair is not frizzy at all. The chemical smells is ok for me, after colour i cant smell any chemical smell stay on my hair.

Wish you people happy trying!




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