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My emotional is unstable, lately, often.
I must stop thinking bout those bb cream, shoes...but its very heart aching. Both of my monthsary pressie is in my car. It might be nothing special to you but its very meaningful to me. I used it everyday and now...gone.

Met Jeff- my insurance adjustor 2 days ago, if fast we'll get back the payment in 3mths time. I heard some shocking news from him. Rush was launch at the end of 2008, during 2009 there is a bunch of Rush found lost in Malaysia and found back at Dubai.

Another thing is, most of the CCTV shown that those thief is holding those multi remote to try on different cars and it works. OMG! Don't think that you must have tickets to get out of the car park. The thief came in with ONE car and go out with TWO car with only ONE parking ticket.

Impossible? Who said so!

The car behind will stick with the car in front very near. Sensor is machine though, it will still thought that its the same car. So that's no why that your car will lost in the carpark without using your parking ticket. But, please don't keep your parking ticket in you car. Keep it in your purse.

I never thought of daddy will buy me a new car again. Its like a waste of money to me since I'm going to the states soon. Daddy said he's gonna buy me the SAME car and SAME colour again. WHAT?! Mum, sis and me is like WTF? I tole dad that its the hitto car to steal but he seems nothing at all. Can we just change another car? I love my previous car when there's flood, but how often its gonna happen? I feel like flying everytime i pass through corner, even its 80 km/h. Terrible!

Any nice, affordable, stable car and can speed a lil to recommend? =P


ABC said...

Perhaps Myvi

tiffany tan said...

yea, i thought of Myvi before but dad didnt want it. I want the pink limited edition! Woots!

Anonymous said...

consider Honda city

tiffany tan said...

but i dont really like its design especially the back =(



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