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End The 2010 Suicide Trend Please!

2010 is gonna end soon =(
My feeling are hard to describe now, not in a good mood for the past few days.
Slept in the morning and woke up at evening. College gonna start soon, hope I'll manage to change back to normal sleeping cycle. My eye bags were not that horrible but i look like a panda, seriously!

Was suppose to update about the art day fashion show that held few months ago but the sucky Internet kills. Only 3 pictures was uploaded so far, and still...the same! Having nightmare non stop! So horrible!!! Yesterday was about dragon chasing me, trying to eat me. Today was about Sun's dad driving up to a 90 degrees road. WTH! I don't know how could i imagine that, perhaps Mr Sun was right. I have great imagination. I'm having problem waking myself up from nightmare, anyone can gimme a hand? No matter what method it is, I'm dying to know.

Bali pictures are still in the camera now. Hahah! I'm so lazy to do anything. Lazy to eat, lazy to dress up lazy to shop. Milo is my saver when I'm hungry, that's the only effort I'll do when I'm supa hungry. Make up no eye liner, only eyebrows and concealer. No fancy dress but shorts and slipper. Oh pathetic me! That's how I'm gonna end my 2010!

Facing big headache now! Thinking how am gonna end my 2010 last day.

Should i work because they pay Rm500 for 6 hours?
Or i shall attend wedding dinner?
Get tipsy with college mate at Zouk?
Gathering and laugh my ass off with high school buddie?


 Too bad, I'm not that brave. Talking about the hot trend lately, people tend to post their will on FB before they suicide. I saw Alviss Kong walls, after he died few days later. Surprisingly he was in my friend list and we used to chat a little. Ok shall stop here, get back to his wall. There's so much comment man! MY GOD! Per post 1000+ comment. WTH he wanna die just like that for a girl that has only been with him for 4mths? (I don't mean that you should die for a girl that had been with you for 40 years too!) You know... jumping down from the building need so much guts to do so! And why he don't have the guts to face the future? OK stop here too, because he's dead and we have no idea what's playing in his mind at that moment. I'm here just to warn you people, how hard how dead a relationship end, it'll always lead you to a better one. Please don't judge before you met another good one, god just want you to grow up before you met him. Think about your parents and friends, they might ignore you most of the time, treat you like shit ass but deep down that's actually how friends interact. Buddies don't sweet talk all the time. Agree?

Perhaps we should try to think in this way, you have a gf for 3 months, she broke up with you yet you still feel sad even she's not dead. So how your friends and parents will think when they spend their WHOLE LIFE with you and YOU ARE DEAD! I believe your brain can think much better now =)

Please, life is not a "chance" we could play with. When you are dead, it means you are.
Don't even plan to! Be wise =D

*NOTE* people, stop spamming the timeline with the dead people videos and post of whatever shit! What are you trying to do? Stupid people only create video by using their stories and picture to get "LIKES" !
The LIKES won't make you famous and doesn't means that people REALLY LIKE your whatever shit. They were just showing some sympathy to the dead ones. Get it? NOT YOU! are in that video. =0

To always remember him? Pui!!! o0o Take this!
You should not letting him die in the first place. Friend!!!

 Gimme a break!

14th Monthsary

This monthsary was bitsie different. Its a supper and Chinese food. I think its the first time because at the past 13 months, i don't take Chinese food during monthsary. Hahhaha~this month Bu insist it. Actually i wanna eat Mamak food!

Canton Kitchen without "I"

They have one outlet in Bukit Tinggi too, cant wait to try! Because we saw some food were shown in the menu but its not selling here =(

Little kid!

After event

They don't serve Heneiken here so Carlsberg for him. I found there's different between us yet its our similarity. He takes beer during monthsary and i must take dessert. Hahha

We are really growing *to sideway*

Not much dishes were ordered...but still we enjoyed so much! I can see from his happy face because i approved -Chinese Food- LOL!

Kangkung Belacan my choice

My hands are ready for food!

Some famous noodle...i forgot their name =.= Must Try!

Ah boy favourite dish!

Awesome prawn! Its much more expensive than the other type. Its written "river prawn" in the menu. Weird huh! But its bigger and much more...lacking words to describe it.

My boy eat prawn with its shell together, infact the whole family does, ONLY ME. So he has to remove for me =D

That's not all. After washing his hand the smells still stays. And my boy is smelling his finger all the way. I tried, mad gross! It was some residue smells from the gravy.

Bu said "We gonna eat that again, real soon."

Char Siew That Taste Like Heaven

Sunday again~ ahhhh college gonna start soon. Many pictures in the thumb drive, no idea which to upload and I'm dying to sleep earlier. Angry waiting that dumb boy to go home after his dota session. I predict he's gonna sick soon hahahahaha. I know his style, he can't stay awake too much and lack of sleep. Wait! I'm talking the same thing! Whatever...

Sunday post...hmnnn FOOD POST!

Dear reader, if you are reading this and you are not Malay (I'm sorry if you are), this is the luckiest day you ever had! Hahahah sounds so exaggerate. Indeed! Its lucky not luckiest xD

As i mentioned in the last post, good food doesn't mean it must be expensive shitz!
Today...we gonna talk about Char Siew that taste like heaven- Glass Char Siew!

People who followed me in Twitter should know I'm bragging this all the time once i ate it. You just cant forget the taste. Ohhhhsuuuuum!

So its not a restaurant nor shop, its a STALL jek which located beside te road of Pudu.

This size, this small, this ulu.

This dirty, this chapalang, this messy.

You want wantan mee? Sorry, only rice and soup will be given once you order any dead meat hanging there.

Share by US - Bu and I

Duck. Nothing special, i wanna order crispy duck with sesame seed but they are selling half of the duck (minimum). Since there's only two of us and we are tired to stuffing ourself with food, normal duck =(

Grilled Chicken.

Smooth like my skin, with the chili. Imba!


They called it Glass Char Siew. I think its because the fats and meat makes perfect match. Secretly tell you this, my boy got a VERY BAD habit! He never eat Char Siew without fats and most of the wantan mee stall in hawker center gonna serve you that, he just LEAVE there nicely! Wasted!

We are fighting for the Char Siew actualy so not much personal picture taken hahahah.

Just look at this picture and you will roughly know how juicy and tender it is. No words can be used to describe. See it carefully! You'll get to found there's a layer of fats, meat, fats,...

No aircond nor fan, no fancy table or good service here. But people are dying...just to get a seat.


Soon Fatt Beijing Roasted Duck
Nearby Pudu electronic road. They called it "Din Ji Gai" (canto)

13th Monthsary

As usual, every month I'm looking forward today. Is our monthsary! Every 4th we will planned for our dating schedule, of course some good food is needed. It doesn't matter with the price of the food, place we go. Its the matter of what we both LOVE.

Went for a movie with Bu like biasa. Its Harry Potter our both LOVE! I told bu it was a 2 freaking hour movie and i need something-something really much...he bought me this! Chatime which i heard about it ages ago. We sneak it in...xoxo.

He's not a bubble tea fans, i just hate him (only this). He got this stupid thought of he'll get choked by the pearl and die. OMG! Don't we all have teeth? I guess my bu's teeth is not functioning. But still I'm happy to have my very own bubble tea for 2 freaking hours!

Lets talk about HP7. This movie sucks to me. It was a waste of money and time. They separate it to 2 episode and drag it to some pointless movie. I guess the climax will only appear in the coming ones. Pathetic much!

Decided to go girly with bow on our monthsary.

Since its been a while we had jap food, so today is the day! Ichiban boshi our all time favourite!

Bu eat this whenever he had sushi. *slap forehead*
I just don't think that its so special, maybe it was his habit though.

Sashimi here serve fresh and chilled. Not to thick also not to thin. Price are affordable too! (of course don't compare it with those fine dining jap restaurant)

Asahi for him

Look at his greedy face! Sushi wont choked him to death but tiny pearls do =.=''

My salmon!

We love beef like how we love each other. We eat rendang beef for nasi lemak, rib eye at western restaurant, fried beef at Chinese restaurant...etc!

The beef gonna burn his tongue!

There he goes annoyed by me. He don't like I sit and stares whenever he's eating, he want us to eat together. When i tweet or taking pictures around while I'm suppose to eat, he'll nag alot. So now, ever since he had a foursquare, he didn't realize he's doing the same thing too! Hmph!

My satin material earrings.

Bow in black because i got a lighter hair colour =p

Add on this last min, spicy crunchy (cereal) fried chicken. Bu was having soar throat, so it took me a while to decide.

J.Co froyo with super fresh strawberries.


Went Uniqlo and decided to shop kaw kaw. We were so excited before we walked in. Unfortunately, we got nothing! The whole shop were selling winter stuff. Disappointed! And we found that there's nothing so special about this shop and why everyone is bragging about it? ZzzzzzzZzzz

Only this i found <3



pssssst 他有够抗拒将的样子被呈现出来


说起最满意的地方,嗯~应该是那超级无敌的食量,还算高的高度,最重要是他和我一样很爱吃!最最最爱的是他可以在我生气时,丢下脸皮不要脸地哄我。他会唱歌演戏话剧样样通!真的很可爱的!想看可爱照片请跟谁我的 twitter =)







有个更好笑的前男友,和natalie foong去clubbing却告诉我得早睡。本人无疑,但广大的友人好心的贴上照片为证据发给我看。没什么,友人只想八卦他俩怎么认识,但却让我知道了。我没拆穿也没问,现在觉得做的很对!你都有答案了,问屁啊?看着心爱的人扯狗脸未免太难为他了吧?哈哈!他不坦白是他的损失,你发现了是你幸运找到抽身之点!最可笑的并不是这些,最好笑的是那小姐的男友也在场。我敏感程度也不至于那么严重吧?他都白忙的!



好了,演讲结束。感谢奉上您的宝贵时间 =)

Go Kart at Shah Alam

Before finals hit me, i went Shah Alam with the college mate to distress ourself. Bbbbut i actually went there to join a car race, however i didn't joined at last because it requires to drive a manual car and I'm suck with it. Btw, who success joining Redbull car race do share your joy here! Let me envy you =p 

I drag Vk along too bad he didn't joined too because he claimed it was stupid to drive around cone instead of racing. Hahah. Vk drag along Ching Jin and babe Mun skipped her class just for this. LOL

We end up joining Go Kart. =0

Oppsie not we, only guys. Me and Mun was too afraid of the sun because its burning and those helmet deffo doesn't looks hygiene enough to convince us to put it on. Everyone is sweating (like raining) after the ride.

Just realised my Strawberry colour has faded! Oh noooes! Red never last isn't it?

Let the race begin! Hoohah! They took 100cc instead of 80cc. The difference was Rm 80 for 100cc and Rm 30 for 80cc. Speed was so much different!

The Go Kart was located at Shah Alam stadium, so if you are interested don't forget to bring your shoes along. Ladies pls wear leggings or something long.

Girls have heels in their car, guys have shoes too!

Ewwww~he wore that stinky helmet! Gross max!

I guess guys just don't care so much about it when its about excitement, and that can be explain with one night stand. Don't have much comment on this issue but i 100% disagree if you already had a gf/bf. For the single ones, please practice safe sex. Erm for girl, respect yourself so others would do so. You wont want others to label you as "that girl is easy to hook" right? You never know what would happen next and life can be as dramatic as you imagine!

Look at the boys! They are smiling even though the game hasn't started yet. Oh my!

Look at Ching Jin's (grey shirt) hair, and they only played for 10 mins! 

Total using Rm240 for 3 rounds. Each round 10 mins. 30 min burned Rm240. =0
Expensive game i would rather use it to eat. =X

Some goodies to share =)
Wanna play this expensive game but wished to save a little bit more money, Sepang's Go Kart is having Ladies Night at every Friday. Ladies can play for FREE. Imba huh?



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