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im S.T.U.C.K

again im here, doing nothing but blogging in the middle of the night
its stupid!
i cant sleep at all but just blaming myself for having this sick till i stuck here and cant sleep

tomorrow was having a shooting at 9am and gonna fetch by JY to putrajaya
should be wake up at 6am to pack and make up done, but its 3am and i cant sleep at all
even after i go out for 12 hours from 1pm to still not tired at all

my eye were sleepy and almost closed but the sick is fighting with me
i cant sleep!!!

talk with leon till 4am+, and i can sleep already, but its a no way for me to rest for 1 hr more and wake up for shooting rite?
everyday like that i could be dying fast cause im getting older fast too
so i inform them very very last min...that i cant go for the shoot
i FFK...ouch~
but there is 2 other models there i guess it should be ok rite?

its a hard decision
sometimes u might have to loose in order to gain




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