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JULY is the month

june is over! a new month begins~
after the final, i've been rest for 2 and more weeks to replace back the sleeping time i've lost...till i start getting bored le
ass growing bigger....LOL
my mostly activites were only shopping, movie, tea time, on9 surfing net~
recycle again and again
but fact is, my sleeping time turn earlier and earlier...
why i call it earlier? because from 11pm turn to 1am, 3am, 7am...
and lately i'm facing hard time while sleeping
suffering like hell~
my job is gonna coming, so i'm tryin effin hard to turn back my time into normal
i went to bed at 1am first, but end up i roll at my bed from north to west till 3am+ i only could close my eyes up
its torturing me...

wheepie, kinda excited now.
I'm gonna work like a mad chic during this month and next month
many job for event, expo, shooting is coming to me
income gonna increase, more cash allow me to buy more stuff in my wish list soon~
suddenly job came like overload, i've been wondering will i get exhausted
time for friends and family have been taken away...and my facebook game too!
every positive do comes along with the negative too huh?

besides that, i'm also kinda worry with my skin condition
my job need to put make up often, so i'm worrying that my skin can't stand that too much
i'm dieting like hell in this week and next week, next shooting will be next week, better lines make better curve and pic. I hope i can resists the yummie nowadays.

last, tomorrow im going for the interview for pc fair and on9 game model ambassador.
wish me luck~must get that job....hoping~~~


hEnRy said...

all the best tomorrow...
shouldn't be a problem for you...
have a good night sleep



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