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the shooting day in depot

woke at at 10am today
make up, packing and stuff
met sherman at ss2 then he fetch me to the location
today was doing some concept shoot at outdoor
at first the whather still ok, but kinda hot of course
its a abandon place

the land were crack man...i guess its really hot here all the time

hunted house...LOL

helooo...anybody home??? here???

we shoot till 4.30 only left from 1pm.
gosh! it was so damn hot, till i cant open my eyes wide
affect much of the pic~sighx
when i was on the way home, suddenly raining heavily till i nearly cant see the road clearly
was so scarie lo, im so afraid of accident u know...bad memory i had

see~its totally blur

make up of the day
super thick natural lashes which i also sell for it and grey lens, smokey eye

finally, home sweet home~




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