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Meeting mr.hut and badminton

noon time went out with kent for lunch
dint plan to eat at first but then he suggest pizza so suddenly
u know, normally we don't really have fast food for our meal as normal day
i guess his sick for something..wuahahah~
so this made me open my diet mouth eating
look at De menu, so attractive, how can i resist it~
the Mr.hut friends, Mr. soupie and miss Coke

garlic bread and chic bolognese...its yummy
cause i sprinkle allot of...cheeeese powder

cool lime chic...if i was not mistaken
yummy too!
and if not mistaken the whole set u saw were for 2pax for rm21+

opening ketchup that i cant open

MC.D is growing above the grass???!

after lunch, settle down the bank thingies...a walk at GIANT
thought can buy some milk...but sold out. ALL!
mister K went to search for his new towel, i kept suggest him to take pink ones...he say NO!
why? why guys cant use pink? its legal what~
night time, Kent went for his basketball competition so I'll just have to find myself some activities to go on
joined Sean for badminton...and also his fren Jason, Kingston, kelvin, etc of course
its been quite a time i dint touch the racket...almost forgot how to use it...LOL
saw those ppl there? there were crazeee~
so we played from 9 till 11pm
btw, this is my fixed activities now for all monday^^
healthy me...LOL
later we hop in to ming tien for a drink
i get myself barley^^ a hot ones is good after exercise...i guess?
look at those light, loved it! no wonder this place is always full of crowd
haha, one funny thing that i dint realise.
the second day, cliff chat with me at the msn telling me that he saw me ytd at there, but i dint saw him and he was just sitting next 2 table from mines.
and when i post this, i only realise that i took his pic when i took this blink blink station pic
whoa~small small world!

now thats Sean, drinking cold juice and smoking!
but doesn't dare to face the world while his smoking~
sickest pic in the cigar box!
think wisely~before u smoke!

was my next bf a smoker?




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