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Shooting at butterfly park

wake up earlier for this shooting compare to the past ones.
morning at 6am. whoohoo~
as usual prepare, male up, packing...
i forget where is this place but is nearby dataran merdeka there
actually were goin for orchid park shoot but the photographer change suddenly cause he feel that here is nicer
obviously this place is much more nicer compare to the only flower park
but its so scary, cause im afriad of butterfly, never like them near to me but far
was kinda worry how im gona shoot this since im afriad?

everywhere was in green green colour

around 1pm we left the park
happily since my theme is also the smiling ones
before exit we need to pass by a show room
look what i saw!

some come in neon colour leh

walking stick! whats that?
AYI, it is some kinda creatures but it look exactly like plants stem.
wth !^&*(
try to think...when u are walking in the forest...u will saw some of this...and that time u dont even know in this world got this kinda creatures...u will thought it was a....

beetle i guess it look HANDSOME to u?

plenty of walking stick

this is much more scary
leaf that can fly? oh god~

they did surprise me, dont they look exactly like leaf?

and this...look almost same like wgat we seen in NARNIA!
flying flowers taht are alive!

how could they killed so many butterfly for display?

shooting done!
roger treat me ribena in ais~phew
reach so damn tired. lying down at the sofa that cause me almost fall asleep
remove my make up and mask on the face...




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