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dinner at THE SHIP

owh~look at her...adorable gal
So, today plan was dinner for my advance birthday
sis and i dress up and tied our hair similiar according to our plan
we wanna look like twins!
eventhough we know we dont since im 10years elder than her. LOL
while we are waiting for the food

Btw, that day is father day its packed with daddy and the children
this "ship" was located at the jalan bkt bintang. I hate it! So packed and air condition was bad!
I almost dying there because lack of oxygens

daddy's shark fin soup. eewh~i think i can buy that at the price of 3.50 at nite market too


was craving cod fish i ordered this. BUT BUT taste sick! I still prefer TONY ROMAS ones.

the seafood platter my mum ordered. yucks! does it look like those we ate at mamak or nite market we can get for 1 stick rm1 that kind? And why are there charging higer price since its only 3-4 sticks here?
i just dont understand how can the chef took the scalop and crab to fried it into this. its was chapskate to me. From this i really feel that "ship" is sinking
-or maybe just that outlet-

lastly, although im kinda piss with what they serve but im still the happy gal that preparing to celebrate for my bday^^
tomolo rocks!




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