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After the primary classmate gathering, leon pick me up around 5pm.
Whoosh~suppose to rush for movie, but GDI the traffic at pavi there is so freaking jam
till 6 something we only manage to get in time square.
so just have to watch 7pm de movie, no more PUBLIC ENEMIES but OBSSESSED
we left half hours more only can get in the cinema, since its too little time for dinner and we are not hungry yet, we plan to spend the time in some meaningful thing. READING AT BORDERS! What a good idea huh?
We went to the children book section and i pick this

guess how much does this book cost? its rm22.90! WTH~how poor family can affort kids to read more book? is so damn "thick"
hearing the song "you belong with me"

after 9 the movie was done! so here is some my feeling to that movie.
i guess most people do know that the actress was BEYONCE rite? hot chic~the movie was kinda excited by turning the whole concept in a sudden that people wont realise about it. I thought it was some kinda movie about how people crazy in love, desperate of sex or what...but this suddenly turn into some mental or physcho movie, horror movie, action movie...whoosh! Gal fight aint "xiu ye" lo. It also show that how the guy being loyal to the wife and the trust between each other is so important.

heading for dinner~tummy calling

black and white cafe at pandan indah
deco for the staircase...LOL
love mirrors!

pic of the day! tiff fav!

heading tomorrow. sighx!




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