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Miss iPhone

Just got my iPhone at end of Feb and this is one of the reason i did not blog for a period. Because i could easily check out everything through my phone so I'm damn lazy to open my lappie. iPhone are gorgeous but sometime i still prefer NOKIA N76 my first blinkie phone and i used it the longest among all the phone.


1. Its hard to find people at contacts. For nokia no matter i remember the last or first name, i type it i got the whole list which contain the alphabet but this. Only either one!

2. Message people in a group is hard. Nokia could just mark a bunch of people but this, u gotta mark and go back and go in and mark again. Imagine that you got 20 people to send, you gotta do it 20 times.

3. Battery die fast. Even i did not play much, i gotta charge twice per day. And I'm bringing my charger almost everywhere i go especially college.

4. Selfish. I cant share my pictures with other brands phone but only iPhone. I cant share song with iPhone too. It needs its very own software at your on lappie (iTune) to do so. So now my iPhone got no song at all but loads of game. Pathetic thing.

That's all the disadvantages i get to know for now.

What will people do once they get their iPhone? I bet most of them are same as me. They buy the screen protector immediately and cover as well. Just couldn't bear it get a scratch on it. And that happen to all touch screen users. Right?

Actually my screen protector was transparent type (normal) but then me itchy hand after apply not enough 1 week, i ask him to change it to mirror type screen protector for me. Thought of no need bringing mirror everywhere and convenient to got a mirror that stick to the phone ma. End up~after the people apply for me, just 5 sec i stare at the outcome. DAMN REGRETTED!

I don't dare to tell him, if not he gonna buzz me.

Not i don't like, but that mirror screen protector is the biggest joke happen to my phone. I cant even see whats on my screen under the sunlight. I could bang by car if I'm reading msg when walking on the road. And the quality of the picture i took i cant see it clearly because it change my whole screen colour. GDI.

After Mr K know i got my iPhone he was kinda naggy and kept calling me Miss iPhone because he likes iPhone damn long but he just couldn't get it. Firstly he was working for DIGI and they pay his telephone bill 300 Bucks so if he sign up maxis plan it will damn confusing and wasted lo. Now what! After i got my iPhone for 3 days max he told me DIGI gonna come out with iPhone soon, i was like WTF! I just sacrifice my DIGI number eh. Unfair.

My gadgets never plain.

He's the big guy who blink my phone. Mad love!

Alex said it look likes bollywood theme. LMAO

For me you're my baby. *lovesssss*

Look how pretty she is...arghhh~
Slap me! I should stop praising the phone cover by now!

Might be doing a Vlog for the phone. Hope I'm hard working and efficient enough. =D
Its Friday again. Enjoy your night, chic and hunk.


hEnRy said... come didn't show out your front view of your iphone?
Wanna see the mirror protector...

hEnRy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tiffany tan said...

haha, scare you vomit blood like i do.

will show once i done the vlog. =)



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