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You name LAME

Twitter, facebook and blog seems like what we used nowadays as a tools to release our self from stress and emo-ness. But normally, we'll update at tweeter and FB more than blog because blog need more time to work with in order to release our self. End up, you might getting yourself trouble.

There is either two types of incident happen to me that lead me updating to much.

1. I'm full with ideas in mind, cant wait to share.

2. I'm really stress and emo to the max, that's why i spam my wall.
Well, its my wall right. I can do whatever i want, so do you! Of course i understand that i might causing you trouble when you open your HOME you'll saw shit loads of my updates. I don't mind, if you choose to hide me.


Therefore, this guy which can see that he's trying hard to create a topic between me and him. (what i feel, you don't agree just click "X" on your screen to shut my damn blog down.)

The first message he send :
I was like...=.= WTF he mean all the time! Wanna get a girl also dint stalk clearly.

So i just reply him back to see what he wanna say and to shoot him as well. Why don't he realise that i "looks like" updating all the time but why don't he realise that what time i don't update? Aren't FB stated clearly what what status is posted "X" hours ago?

Then he reply no idea. DAMN, you got no eye ke? Hours stated also cant see? What did he meant that wanna tell me but scare offence me? This guy live in damn confusing world la. I thought I'm the only one but now...he's number 2!!!

Never mind, what makes me LMAO is he wanna tell me through phone to show HE IS VERY SINCERE TO TELL ME MY PROBLEM. I bet when he get my number, he gonna tell me to MEET UP IN ORDER TO SHOW ME HIS VERY VERY SINCERE HEART.

hello, you are just one of the net friend in my FB or not even. We dint interact at FB or even might have i could not remember him at all.

The way i reply was actually trying to say "talking here is good enough for me."
After i replied, i damn hyper to see what he gonna reply. However, is in my prediction what he's gonna reply me.

After i reply this......

He did not reply at all.

1. I guess he know that he couldn't even get one of the figure in my phone number?
(I thought he is super thick face?)

2. I update my status about this and i called him SUPER LAME MAX GUY, he read it and ran off?
(hmnnn, highest possibility among all, you know if the gal find out it was him, he will never get a chance to know a girl anymore even if he change his strategies. If the guy know him more kaw! They gonna man-mouth of him too like how gal bitch)

3. He feel ashamed with what i replied?
(hey, that's nothing right?)

Well well well, get a better working idea next time.
Wish you luck =D




World Peace


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