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60 Earth Hour

So fast 1 year just passed by our side

Life goes like a blink of eye.
Things you never catch up, it has gone.
People who is still here, appreciate it.
Earth is abit sick, do something when you still can!

Still remember last year they have this campaign at 28th or March, surprisingly most of the people are participating it. Eventhough people who run buisness such like mini market also did switch off the light for an hour.

This year, here it come again. Lets rock together!

Stop all your electricity and go dark.

If 1 hour seems long for you, why not try to cook yourself a dinner before that and eat it with lighting up the candle.
Perhaps, candle light dinner is what you need right now to spice up your relationship with your boyfie. For family, hmnnnn~try board game! Bet it works though.

Stop giving excuses and follow the trend!

2010 27th, Saturday (tonight)

Happy Birthday uncle Alan
. It was his birthday and we are gonna head out for dinner tonight at some randome restaurant. I was wondering, whether candle light dinner in a Chinese restaurant...can happen mou?
Have fun with ya SATURDAY =)




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