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Alice In Wonderland On Stage

Mushroom are everywhere~!

And this gigantic mushroom is FREAKING HUGE. Where am i?

Tiffany is in Wonderland. =D

Firstly gotta thx Dylan who ask me to hop in Mid Valley, i was like kinda avoiding MV. Honestly can say so that i hate there loads. If there is nothing else, there's a big no for me to go there. Jam is for sure, and i hate their design for the road direction.

Erm perhaps i should say no matter which car park i came out from, for sure i gotta take a big round before i can actually get to the road i used to go home. Wadafak! Mummy also sick with there. I was working for event and fair a few times there at the exhibition hall. Pathetically until 10pm. It was EVERYONE siap kerja time. ALL JAM! Peep peep pon pon here and there! Headache!

Somebody said i look exactly like a giant in this scene. =(
At first i thought of taking picture with those mushroom but suddenly music start and i saw a lady in blue dress running left and right. SHE IS ALICE (for the stage performance only lar)

Later on, RED QUEEN is here too. I bet everyone is expecting her to appear. We thought they might dress her in big head but they did not =(
Anyway, her acting is really good! Dramatic enough me likey!

Note the picture, Rabbit Babbitt is here too!

Alice in blue dress, White Queen in white la. Honestly, white queen is so horrible! Fugly until i can faint.

I was watching maybe dripping a few drops of saliva and then suddenly someone touch my face from the opposite side I'm facing. When i turn left, wadafak! Its white queen! Maybe i should feel happy and excited as she only touch my face among all the peoples. But i feel so scary! The super white face with super black thick lash just couldn't match in once like that.

Hmnnn....if only i got her close up picture, i bet you have the same feel as i do.

Funny stage performance as the end everyone dancing happily. Enemy no longer enemy. A little bit unexpected because the movie i saw queen gone.

Now this is what shown on my face. (blue ones)

Starting from today, the war begin.

Every single assignment will exactly like the weekly routine you remove your dead skin 3times a week.

Every single test gonna coming at least once per week, like you apply your mask.

Every single essay that counts on your grade is loading and need me to play it!

Every single presentation need me to use my shakie voice to talk like I'M-NOT-NERVOUS in front all my dear friends which giving a wide smile to me.

The most EFFFFFFF EUUUUUU part is...finals countdown 4 weeks to go. Mamamia.

I still cant get the philosophy theories clear yet! Who's that old Greek man btw?
My theater is just starting to boom some ideas!
Communication class is about to end but i still cant communicate well with people i loved.
Psychology theories is still running day and night in my head as I'm guessing what theory should be apply to every subject i study on. (sorry my friend, unfortunately...all of you are my victim)

I wanted to grounded myself but i just not motivate enough to do so. If i don't have basic entertainment like Internet, movie or night market session, i will die with stress. I've been losing my tempered since the test and assignments come in bunch. I cant afford it seriously. Every night I'm facing depress mode.

Which Taylorians tell me that ADP is fun and exciting? I kena con...
But wait...maybe what they meant was the fun and excitement are all came from the non stop test.

As you know FREE FLOW from the COLLEGE.




World Peace


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