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Street Cafe @ Subang SS15

It was my first time visiting there. I've been studying in that area for 8mths more but i never walk in as i thought nothing special and its food might be so so only.

So after the dance competition, Fellest, Roger and bunch...including me went there. Reco by Roger.

The lower floor was just normal decor but upper floor. So nice! I mean nice relaxing ambiance. Only thing is they play pop Korean song which dont match the environment.

The tree leaf is made by the sticky notes. The place which you can release your anger, show your love and etc.

Bill is hanging just beside you!

Im being a little kepochi so i went there snapshot some of the notes.

The drinks dont come with the menu but another one more menu which only with drinks! Now you know how many drinks they got huh.

Marshmallow milo and chocolate oreo. Tempting right for choc lover like me!

Dragon fruit and mango ice blended.

Im a mango lover but i never like nor love mango pudding, ice cream, drinks and all the sub product. To me they are all stinks!
I prefer the original ones.

Vietnam Coffee. Selling in this Korean Restaurant.

Shu Wei the second runner up order this. He's such a cute guy from China. I love his lazy boy hairstyle. Too bad i dont have his picture to show. =(

Korean Seafood Pancake.
It taste like pizza and yummy!


Sweet and sour Chicken Stick.

Barbeque Chicken Stick

Kimchi Fried Rice

Its a sin to waste food mister.

Lastly, end with Fellest shocking face. Dont think that he's shock by the price. It was his expression only.

Price here is...erm...not everyday you can eat here as a student who get average pocket money. But i believe one week once or twice, you still can survive.

Food price from 3.90-18.00 depends of its ingredients and also portion.

FYI, is opposite Taylor's main campus, few shop beside SUBWAY.




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