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Tiffie Demanding Fifi for a Pic

Meet the strongest mighty dog in the world. FIFI!!!

Fifi was Mr Kent beloved daughter but i think their relationship is kinda like his Girlfriend. Haha cause he was single for so long and i guess...LOL

See the hair so long, must be the boyfie like her in long hair but he don't know how to tie her hair. So the big task goes to me.
Chun bo? Fine, i know its normal.

Kent told me that Fifi can sense him when his home. I mean not in front the door but at the G floor carpark! FYI, his not living just 1 or 2 floor above the carpark. Deng deng dengdeng!

Spot that comfy dice? Its her favourite toy-toy! They were playing throw and hide instead of throw and fetch. After K throw it she will run to pick it but then she just keep for her own without returning back. So Kent must crawl like a cat in super slow motion to grab it back from her. You can see her sitting there and using ONLY eye to stare at his hand movement.

Sooooooo cute! It cant be well describe through words but if i got that video I'll show to you guys =)

I wanna take picture with you Fifi. Come to this pretty jie jie please...This jie jie feed you dog biscuit one by one using her hand eh...

Wondering why one by one? Kent put all her food in a plate but she just stare at it, i pull to her she just walk off shaking her butt. Pfffft~

Kent say she is annoying, she want people feed her by hand! ZOMG! I tried and call her name, YES she come to me! OMG OMG! Spoilt Brat!

But one thing amaze me is FIFI lost one of her back leg and she still can stand with only ONE LEG. Impress me weih! She can run very fast while she's playing catch catch too. At first i feel sad for her but if she's having a happy life now, why must we upset her by looking at her lost leg? People should just learn from her. Life should continue no matter how sick it is, how tough it goes. Without this, it wont be a contrast for your very happy life. Same apply to Love.

After like 20 min plus i still unable to take a face to face picture with her even though i play with her NON-STOP!

Here shows how i forced her to take picture. Mr Kent tell me that he's actually taking picture for me but he lied! Eh hem, I'm a bit scare of dog actually so...i look like a fool here. Laugh as loud as you want. I don't care. Hmph!




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