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There's Nothing Makes Me Feel Like This Before

This morning, my Bububi called. In the freaking 3am early morning. Its not that he don't call me at that "early" before. He normally call me at this time if only he went out with the buddies or club. He know that i will wait for his call but if normal day he dint went out, we'll talk on the phone until both of us get tired and hang up the phone then sleep like a pig.

I still remember we sing to each other like singing karaoke session on the phone before we hang up at 12.47am. We kept singing the 60's Chinese song and 21st century RnB. LMAO. The way he sing Justin Bieber "Baby" its soooo funneh! Got intro some more eh! "Oh....oh...oh...~i know you love me..." but the pitch is eh hem hem. Still, my favourite!

3am...the phone rang suddenly. I could just jump up no matter how tired am i cause i remember that specific ring tone. I answer the call, thought he's missing me badly and still not asleep yet. But what i heard was...some horrible background sound. Like someone is yelling...then without talking anything, hang up.

I don't feel good. He's using iPhone and obviously it wont press wrongly without any pressure on the phone surface. I called back and wait till he pick up. He said his house caught fire. Wadafak!!! My eyes straightly open wide even though I'm fucking sleepy. Without talking much he gotta hang, someones calling him. He said he'll call back. From that moment i couldn't shut my eyes anymore. Yes i can shut it, but i don't dare. I'm afraid I'll miss a single thing if i do so.

I cant stay patient there. I'm afraid and yes i admit I'm thinking something stupid. You he act stupid go save the fire and get caught inside, then fire too big...*touch wood* I don't dare to think further anymore, i just call him. Phew~he picked up! But same he gotta hang real fast and i don't get chance to ask much what happen. I just know he called bomba but very long already still haven't reach. Owh...I'm like an ant kena attack by the water gotta run run run! Means damn nervous! His house and shop got shit loads alcohol!!! Its not just a bar, its "a" few hundred bottle of wine, whisky, beer and blah!

That moment...there's nothing who make me feels like this ever!
Its the feel of you might loosing something that is very important.

I'm afraid that i might loose him.
I'm wondering that if he get hurt.
I'm praying that he better not do something stupid.
I'm hoping his family and him could be safe without getting hurt.

I'm thinking...who was the one he's thinking about at the moment.
Well...i ask him later that. He said "iPhone" Wada wada fak!

I kept scolding him, if i also get caught in the fire *touch wood* he definitely save the phone before me. Hmph! Swear I'll safe my iPhone first if it really happen. *choi choi choi!*

I'll save all my cosmetic and bag bag before YOU. =p

But i try to tell myself nicely, if he really don't think about me how would he call when he's still not settled yet? Hehehe...I'm still important la. (i know I'm think face.)

Honestly, that moment when i was waiting his call. My brain appear shit loads of historical scene that we had before.

It shows...

How i hit him when we are quarreling but he will just look at me innocently.
How i used to sayang his tummy after we ate our meal.
How i tell him how much i love my saliva smell and forced him to loved it.

How he used to make fun of me.
How he used the stupiak way to cheer me up.
How he used to wake me up every morning with that sleepy but full of responsibility voice.

How we met each other.
How we get together.
How we put effort in this relationship every single moment.

Okay. Shuuu all the bad thing. He's safe now so do his family, thank god.
If you could hear me, please let the world stay peace. =)

I'm praying hard and yes I'll but you ice cream after that. Its a promise =D




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