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Darn! Its The 5th Monthsary Already!

I just don't know why time goes really quick. Am i too slow or its just that i dint notice that? its good that we can stay longer with each other but i don't wanna grow! I'm afraid for the coming birthday! Its just 2 moths to go~Freak me out man! Every elderly say after they past 21, 30 is just right beside. WTH! Shuuuu you away!

As usual, we celebrate our monthsary in a normal way. Just eat and share. Talking cock with him is so much fun that he could actually be my friend and also a boyfriend. You'll see sometime when he get over hyper, he will forget about you a few second. =.=

The so called "champagne" for the day.

We went to Weissbrau again. FOL. Im addicted to there and missing the scallop that i mention in the previous post like hell. Unfortunately, they dont served this anymore. Why! I haven't get a chance to taste. Not a bite! how can you treat me like that!

Never mind, I have this in my mind also.


So pretty that we couldn't bear to crush this thing. Awwww~but we are hungry, so sorry.

The Parma Ham is a bit salty but i think its nice, he don't really "loved' it. He said its too salty but he loved the rock melon loads. Supa epa sweet! He told me its Japan rock melon. I'm still wondering whether it is anot. The salty taste can be neutralized if you eat it with the rock melon. Sweet and salty. Yummay~

Top view of Parma Ham with Rock Melon.

Super colourful with red for the ham, orange for rock melon, green for the vegetables...

He's the most cruelest beast ever in the universe. He eat his same kind. ZOMG!
Smoked Pork Lion and Bacon served with mashed Garlic Potatoes.

Bacon is nice. Like that smokey taste. He loved it just because it contains think think fats on it. Oh gosh!

Shoot the Sun down! I mean the real sun in the sky. Weather damn hot weih. Some beer to cool yourself down- his theory. It took a little bit more energy to lift this glass up. Its bigger than the others we used to drink. Never like beer, or any alcohol but this is just nice for me.

Again we went shopping with bloated tummy around the mall.

Spot this colourful straw hat. He stuck that on my head, i found that my head is a little too big for this. But its pretty...match what I'm wearing today =D

Weather getting hot and for sure its our favourite moment! DESSERT TIME babeh!

After pointing from North to West. We finally got the ice cream we want!

Cant wait!

Everyone is coming in a pair, except him. NO NO NO don't get me wrong, its just like i adore people in the age like him still can find his life even though he's alone. You know, many elderly don't really enjoy their life much with dessert time. LOL.
If i was him, i will only come out for ice cream when I'm really emo to the max. If not i will NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER be here ALONE.

Accidentally snap this. ZOMG! So effing cute la!

Am wondering am i dating a 8 years old boy boy? Chubby max!

Summer day don't seem wonderful at Malaysia here except gals get to dress in floral prints! There's only HOT! HOT! HOT! Which we cannot stand it and you can see mostly people will blame the hot weather at Twitter and Facebook.

Pampered me to my dreams, never leave me if I'm in the nightmare.

It took a bit longer than usual the ice cream arrived and i guess...its worth for the time!

Look at the decor~again i have to do evil thing. Ruin the nice art and eat it. I'll do it slowly, no worry.

Top view of the ice cream.

Contains 6 small scoops that totally match my Summer taste buds except Mango. I love to eat Mango loads but not those sub product like pudding, drinks and etc. I feel yucks. The taste just totally stinks! As long as he love it, no worries for me that i might need to swallow it deadly.

Thank kiu bububi. Heart the chocolate but you more. You are just like an ice cream that melts my heart.

A snap shot before its in my warm tummy =P

Something small but just what i need urgently at the moment =) Mwah~

I'm sorry for not saying sorry. ="(

Yes I'm a bitch to you but also a sweetest pie ever.
No i don't mean it when i say something about "end" emotionally.

I'm sorry for the not very easy apologise attitude i had, but
Thank you so much for tolerating it and get mad with it. It means you care.

Time goes so fast that i cant even look clearly the moment we been through.
So slow when i cant even see whats gonna happen to us in the coming 2 years.

I'm not that kinda girl that okay with "having now" is already enough.
I want more, longer and further moreeee!

Can my dream come true?
Can you make it real for me? As whatever i wish?





World Peace


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