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My Rojak Post

Lately I'm stress, fucking stress! Finals next week. I ate too much! No one could stop me and the boyfriend also did nothing to stop me but accompany me to eat more. Now i can eat as much as him too. (FYI, he can eat 3 big bowl of rice per meal) I don't eat that much rice but 3 big bowl of dishes all by myself. Wahaha~

I start to worry and ask him, if one day i become some random fat baby out there will you still love me? He smile and say "of course". Bubi, i hope is not a lie. =X

And sometime, i really don't understand that when he touch my belly and smile, what he's trying to do? Tease me? Or my belly really let him feel happiness? Damn!

Got too many pending post, all belongs to long story post. I'm lazy (maybe a bit busy) and i found that i got loads of incomplete picture from different day which i feel that i should jot it down. (its meaningful to me!)

NOTE: please tolerate with the low quality picture, its taken by my sucky 2.0 mega pix iPhone.

---With My Bubi aka Mr Sun---

Forget which Sunday, Seng and us went for the long craving Dim Sum at Yew Lik. They served Xiao Long Bao and also my fav Tofu Pok dim sum with Thai sauce. Bubi dont like tofu pok because he thinks that its too ugly to put inside his mouth. So it means i can have all by my own. Whee~

See how terrible he eat. Speed incredible fast too. I feel a little pressure eating with two mighty man.

The sweetest creature on earth send me this in a very late midnight while i was studying for two test and also a essay to be rush. That night, im no longer lonely anymore =)

I never like coffee. Never ever! He bought me Cappuccino and this Ipanema to cure the bitterness. And what I've heard is it is the best cake served at Starbucks. I agree, perhaps you guys should give a try too.

Weather is sooooo HOT! According to some researcher they said it will be increasing 4degrees more in the future. Bubi love ice cream loads, almost every time when we finished our meal he'll buy us ice cream to eat. Arghh~save me out from this devil of fattening!

Breakfast time! My baby get me my fav half boiled egg. I wanted to crack the egg by myself but the dumb guy grab it, he barely cook and i can say he dont cook if excluded the instant cup noodles. How can he stand the heat right? My egg end up ugly some more with shell inside. =.=''
But good job baby dummie! ILY

Had the most simple dinner ever yesterday with Bubi. Force him to eat loads of vege which he dont usually eat. I ate 3 big bowl of porridge because of this simple dishes and he only ate 2 bowl. FML

---College Moments---

Seldom dress that nice to college (normally i just wear shorts, slipper and Tee) but suddenly got feeling to do so. Maybe because i wake up early then usual days or maybe someone put a smile on my grumpy face before i head to college.

Those freaking boring days after class, i went lepak at Club 9 with the bunch. Look what Prasham wore on that day! Its a heat! LOL

And another day again i went lepak at studio with bunch of dancers. While they are popping, im camwhoring. Later, theater rehearsal again! But now im a free bird again as theater finals is over but real finals is coming!

Surprise, we dress like traffic light without informing earlier.
Left to right- Prasham, Alex, Me

The greatest presentation i did. I mean more interesting compare to others. Its for Communication class poster presentation. We (as a group) use Homer Simpson as the main character. Glad that everyone like it including miss Anna the lecturer.
For that almost naked body, its Prasham ideas. LMAO. Its the climax of the presentation.

Theater finals exact day. This time we all get pro and pro-er! Before we use lighting, then add up sound effect, then then soundtrack...lastly now...COSTUME! This is not my group. Maybe i'll put theater final video once im free=) stay tuned

Another duppie hyper day again. For no reason i tie my hair up. Its abnormal to me cause i dont do it normally. XD

Another consider doll up day. Bubi say i look pretty =P

Went Noodle Station for lunch with Alex. She order this Soda with Passion fruit which surprise us when the waitress served us. It is tiny as Twister bottle but the picture show that its HUGE.

My Tom Yum soup noodle. Believe me, their Wan Tan mee is supa dupa nice! Its homemade and you cant find it anywhere besides at NOODLE HOUSE. Its more dionk dionk and slimmer and and and the soup is awesome!

---Random Found---

Some random day i went shopping with friends. This time is the worst day ever i had. Because all of this i LEFT ONLY 3 BUCKS inside my purse. It isnt that bad after all because i got some goodies with me! bbbBut if im coming all the way by public transport and no credit card, hand phone and Atm card at my purse. I could be supa charm because i gotta sell my clothes off in order to go home.
Im thinking it might be i bring too less cash out that day, or...i really spend too much. Ehh hem~

Dad get us PSP GO! Whee~ im thinking of blinked it up. So that i dont hafta spend money to buy protector that dont show nice result. One lame thing PSP GO only got DEMO GAME. Dad did not buy any game and FYI, this aint PSP and it cant download free games at all. One game could cost me 180 bucks. FML

Im getting older...stepping in 21 real soon. 2 months time lar...
That day went Pavilion and saw this. A pendant which stated 21 on it. Im wondering if someone gimme this as the birthday pressie am i suppose to be happy or sad? Happy cause i get a key finally as im typical Chinese but not to traditional ones, sad is because WTH is the pendant telling everyone my age? I cant lie that im 18 anymore lor!

Im shallow. I thought Chow Chow is the most fluffy cutest dog but now TIBETAN is my new love. Bet it cost freaking expensive. =(

Guys note this! I mean for the married ones. For couple, if you tend to not using condom and your gf do not take any pills, drink 10 cans Coke per day, 100% sperm disappear (my thoughts only check if you need accurate ones). LMAO.

I use this road to go college everyday but today something special caught my eyes. A pair of angmoh couple standing below the banner talking. I guess they were arguing. Why? According to what i study from Comm, this distance means body touching avoidance and the gals body gesture also show that she is freaking mad with that guy. If not why argue in the middle of nowhere when Time Square is just few steps away?

Forget about that quarreling couple. We now have super sweet couple here. The car belongs to the guy i think. Went lunch with the friends and spot this. Thanks Sheng loads for driving insanely in order to let me snap this pic. Whoohoo! I bet no one will steal this car, the car is already painted with the owner face la although its just a sticker.

Jonathan and Elizabeth what a nice name. I wonder if the name change to Mary and Albert...Hmnnn~
*Mary and Albert is not an ugly name to me but just a more typical english name like Rose and Jack. Hahah!
*I did not blur the number plate as the name already tell everyone who read this blog this is the car im talking about and im not bitching about them. Plus imposible that so many coincidence all guys who name Jonathan got a gf who name Elizabeth gua? And not all Jonathan also do this on their MYVI car gua

Happy Saturday everyone.
Enjoy your day...dont feel pity for me as im gonna had a bad weekend again.
Finals finals...*scream*




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