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The Story of Wife Biscuit / Sweetheart Cake

Im here with food post again. I have readers that complain that my blog contains loads of food post that make them hungry when they read it. Haha~

FYI, its my hobby to make you drool.

bbbBUT! This time aint about the food in that picture. Its about the story hidden behind.

Bubi got me my long craving wife biscuit. And its from HONG KONG 100%. Why HK sounds so incredible? No, i dont mean in that way but based on my experience from Msia ones really taste eh hem hem. *Please fill the sentence for me, thankiu very much.

I dont like sweets stuff, opps i should say over sweetening stuff. Just like i can accept cream but not those cream cake that sell in night market. Its not condemning but is what we now used to Secret Recipes / Alexis cream and might not used to that. But when im in the age of 5, im licking that cream happily when i do not know Secret Recipes. Is a fact that people tend to grow and get what's best for their own. Whether you agree or not, its a fact. Human nature we call.

Opps, i blah too much. Msia's wife cake seems not that original to me as in their skin layer, texture and ingredient are so different with my first try of Yuen Long wife biscuit. It was a souvenirs from a High School friend, Wei Jing that went to Taiwan to learn bakery with the gf. So sweet right? Imagine that both of them baking cakes together, decorate and they can even baked the cake for their kids birthday. And one always-happen-scene in drama, splashing flour to each other. How awesome!!!

So this time, is my second try of Yuen Long wife biscuit. I feel happiness instantly. Maybe because of its name. Hahah~

So here's the story, legend whatever.

Once upon a time (sounds so fairy tale. LOL), there is a Chinese baker, who is very famous and no one who dont know about him as he is talented in baking and a wife who's helping him in it. Their business is extremely good, but because he is addicted to gamble he lost all his money and assets.

One day, as usual...he lost loads of money at the casino (idk what they call in old days) again, money which lend in the same day also being cleared. The Big Shark Ah Long forced him to go home to get some assets as payment. But when he reached home, he only realised that his house is fill with nothing, not any single valuable stuff left.

Then he discuss with his wife, the wife told him "since you start to gamble, i've been warning you not to, but every time you never put in your heart. All our relative has been leaving us far away, amd cause us to reached the end of the road. I think the last thing that can be mortgage is me, but you must promise me after you sell me off you have to stop gambling, because im no longer here with you anymore therefore i cant help you."

After selling his wife, he really did not gamble anymore, in order to commemorate his wife, he invented this super yummy wife biscuit.

Awwww~so touching. But he's such a big ass for doing this. If i were him i would definitely run away with the wife. No matter what, where and how!

Opps, forget to mention. In my life ever, i never wanted a bf who likes to gambling. Even though in FB poker, a small bet like CNY (can be accept but still...), or everyday buying Toto Magnum...etc. I would rather them to survive using real effort.

As Chinese said "small bet change to gamble then could lead you losing your wife and kid" and im not gonna risk nor tolerate my life with this kinda guy!

p/s: Bubi, even though now you're not but pls keep in mind. And one last thing that i feel auspicious that you are not buying anymore super expensive but not worthy street wear brand and choose to save more. You know when i heard that you having convo with the friend telling that "if i buy street wear, Tiffany will gone insane again." how happy am I? Because you keep my words in your mind, im happy, and that easy we could go peace. Anyway, once in a blue moon may be acceptable. =p




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